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Allison Freeman is a content writer from Manchester, New Hampshire. She has a degree in English from Ithaca College and a background in food & beverage. She has worked with Casual Mixologist as an editor and contributing writer and is currently a contributing writer for College Gym News, the leading website for all information regarding college gymnastics. Outside of her expertise, she enjoys puzzles and riddles as well as spending time reading and learning about the horror genre and gardening.


Cocktails and Mixology,Gymnastics


  • Writer
  • Bartender


  • Ithaca College: B.A. English


While working at a restaurant in downtown Boston, Allison was introduced to the beauty and intricacy of a well-made cocktail. Her love for cocktails soon blossomed and she dove in headfirst to learn all she could about the history of any liquor, wine, or beer she came across. After moving to New Hampshire, she worked as a bartender and was able to create her own unique craft cocktails. With her unyielding curiosity, she continues to actively learn about the legend and lore behind cocktails as well as look to the future for the next up-and-coming spirit or cocktail.