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Chris Schenk

Commerce VP

Chris Schenk is a longtime writer, editor, and publisher specializing in commerce-first content. Whether it’s collaborating with editors and writers to churn out best-in-class gifts guides and category roundups, or sharing his own 30 all-time best purchases, Chris remains passionate about surfacing the best products for every LoveToKnow reader.


Chris has been an active woodworker since setting up his first ‘real’ woodshop in the bedroom of his Brooklyn apartment. Since then, Chris has seriously pursued this hobby, designing and fabricating anything from bespoke photo booths and furniture, to custom drums and guitars.


An inveterate road-tripper, Chris has traversed more than 80% of the United States by car (most often a 2003 Camry), and has channeled that wanderlust into years of travel writing, creating travel content for sites like AOL CityGuide, Travelocity, and