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Andressa is an avid party planner, stylist, content creator and founder of the DIY party/entertaining blog & online magazine Twinkle Twinkle Little Party. She is based in San Antonio, Texas. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Florida Gulf Coast University. Her work has been featured on various popular party blogs and on national publications, such as Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart, American Farmhouse Style, and Mingle Magazine. She has created content covering party ideas, kids crafts, and entertaining for Michaels, Disney, Martha Stewart Brand, Netflix, Pottery Barn Kids, and many others. She is a mother of three who is always finding an excuse to plan a party, to work on a DIY craft, and to bake or cook something delicious with her kids. Her goal is to inspire people to celebrate the simplest things in life and create lifetime memories with loved ones.


Part Planning,Baking and Decorating,Stylist,Content Creator


  • Founder Twinkle Twinkle Little Party.


  • Florida Gulf Coast University: B.A. Communication

Party Planning, Styling, & Entertaining

As being the creative force behind Twinkle Twinkle Little Party blog, Andressa fully dedicates herself to sharing effortless and intentional party ideas with the hope to inspire people to get their creative juices flowing and throw meaningful celebrations. From developing an exciting party theme to selecting the perfect party supplies and decor, Andressa loves to help her audience bring their parties to life in order to provide an exciting experience to their guests.

DIY Crafts

Andressa is a DIYer at heart. As being a mom of three small children, she is always planning the next DIY craft to keep her kids engaged and entertained. She finds inspiration through storybooks, TV shows, and places she visits with her kids. She loves browsing the craft store aisles to brainstorm new craft ideas she can test at home and share with her followers through her social media channels.

Baking and Decorating

Andressa believes baking brings joy and offers an opportunity to bond with loved ones in a fun way. She loves to encourage people to bake from scratch or turn a simple store-bought treat into something extraordinary by sharing simple creative decorating ideas.

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