Charlotte Grainger


Charlotte Grainger is a freelance writer with more than eight years of experience in the field. She holds a master’s in creative writing and bachelor’s in journalism. Since starting her career, her work has been published in leading media outlets including Bride’s Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and Men’s Health. She focuses mainly on health, wellness, lifestyle, and commerce topics.

Shopping & Commerce

Charlotte has an innate love of shopping, which is demonstrated through her articles and work. From brand new product reviews to complete gift guides, she is well-versed in writing about the wonderful world of commerce. She has previously worked with The Daily Beast, The Sports Edit, and PopSugar on these guides.

Love & Relationships

Since embarking on her freelance career, Charlotte has carved a name for herself in the love and relationship sector. Her romance-centric work has been published in MSN, Men’s Health, and Bride’s Magazine. She has a wealth of expert contacts who she works with including couple’s therapists, psychosexual therapists, and relationship counselors.

Health & Wellness

Charlotte has a huge personal interest in health and wellness. In her personal time, she loves socializing at the gym or taking classes. She has written about this subject matter for a variety of publications including The Sports Edit, MSN, and The Healthy among others.