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Becca Kane

Commerce Editor

Becca Kane is LoveToKnow Media’s Commerce Editor. She loves creating content and searching the internet for genius products that engage readers. She’s worked with several writing and editing teams to create e-commerce and affiliate content audiences love. Becca lives in Los Angeles and loves to walk, hike and play with her dog, Alto.

Detailed Experience


Having grown up a part of multiple running teams, Becca found a love for running at a young age. She has spent her free time coaching elementary students as part of the “Girls on the Run” non-profit program.


You can find Becca curled up on her couch with a good book in the evenings. She’s an avid fiction reader, and when she’s not reading you can find her on TikTok’s #booktok section learning about what to read next.


As a self-proclaimed thrift-shopper and at-home DIYer, you can catch Becca at her local flea market, frequenting estate sales, and doing lots of HGTV show research, learning about the best way to up-cycle a bookcase or reupholster a chair.