Baby Gender Pencil Test

Updated July 26, 2022
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Looking for a fun party game at your baby shower? You could try the baby gender pencil test. While the test has no medical basis, it's fun to do with your family and friends. You can also test its accuracy by trying it on your family who are done having children.

The baby gender pencil test is a procedure derived from one of several different old wives' tales that have been passed down from generation to generation. According to myth, the test is supposed to accurately predict the gender of an unborn baby. Like most old wives' tales, nobody knows why the test is supposed to work.

How to Do a Baby Gender Pencil Test

The pencil test to determine baby gender is very easy to perform using items you probably already have in your home. With this test, you are going to suspend a pencil above your arm so that it barely touches the wrist. According to the wives' tale, the gender of your baby is revealed depending on how the pencil moves.

Supplies Needed

Doing the pencil test is super easy. You just need a few common items you already have in your drawers.

  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Sewing needle
  • Thread

Instructions for the Baby Gender Pencil Test

Use these instructions to have a bit of fun.

  1. Sharpen the pencil to a fine point. This will make it easier for you to see how the tip is moving.
  2. Thread the needle, then stick the needle straight down into the pencil eraser. It does not matter how long the tread is. You only need enough thread to dangle the pencil over your wrist.
  3. Lay your hand down on a hard surface, away from any wind or breeze. Your palm should be facing upward.
  4. Holding the thread only, place the tip of the pencil on your wrist. Hold your hand very still. Lift up slowly, staying as still as possible. Wait until the pencil starts to move like a pendulum.
  5. Analyze the movement of the pencil to predict the gender of the baby.

Gender Test Result Analysis

It's time to look at the results. This test is said to determine not only gender of your child, but also the number of children that you may have.

  • If the pencil moves up and down (over the length of your arm), the baby will be a boy.
  • If the pencil moves from side to side (across your wrist), the baby will be a girl.
  • It will start to create a small circle between each baby or hang straight. The pencil should stop on its own, so watch how many times it changes directions to predict how many children you will have.
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Gender Pencil Test Fun Facts

One of the most interesting aspects of the pencil test for baby gender is the range of predictions the test claims to be able to make. While most old wives' tales only claim to be able to predict the gender of a baby for a woman who is already pregnant, the baby gender pencil test supposedly predicts the birth history for a woman who has already had children. If you're curious, you may want to perform your own experiment by seeing how accurate the test is for your friends and family members who are done having children.

The baby gender pencil test is also supposed to be able to predict the fertility of a woman who is not pregnant but wants to have children in the future. Some people claim the test will work on men as well, but you may have a bit more trouble convincing the men in your life to volunteer for such an experiment.

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Baby Gender Pencil Test