Free Hall Pass Templates to Edit, Customize, and Print

Published February 19, 2020
Two girls with hall passes

Free editable templates for hall passes make every teacher's life easier with one less thing to create from scratch. From bathroom passes to standard hall passes, you can use these templates for your classroom, your entire grade, or the whole school. Click on the image of the hall pass you like best to download, customize, and print. If you need help using the printables, this handy guide is useful.

Visual Hall Pass Template

Just as you would use printable homework charts or free behavior charts with elementary students, you can use visual hall passes. Kids in grades pre-K through five can use these passes to let other teachers know why they're in the hallway without you. The passes feature hall pass clip art of these common destinations: girl's bathroom, boy's bathroom, nurse, library, office, and cafeteria.

Hall Passes with Images
Visual Hall Pass Template

Ways to Customize the Hall Passes

While these hall passes are simple, there are a few easy ways you can make them unique.

  • Add your name to the top line in your favorite colored font.
  • Add stickers or simple drawings to the destination images to make them fun such as adding a Santa hat to the boy's bathroom figure in December.
  • Use actual photos of these locations in your school instead of the cartoon images.
  • Cut out the passes and adhere them to funny objects such as a toy frying pan or action figure.

Basic Blank Hall Pass Template

Make your own hall passes for any specific need you have with a basic blank hall pass template. This design features a lined paper look and room for the teacher issuing the pass to sign and room for the teacher who receives the student to sign. These work great for round-trip hallway use in middle school.

Blank Hall Passes
Basic Blank Hall Passes Template

Ways to Customize the Hall Passes

Since the blank hall passes are completely editable, there are many ways you can customize them.

  • Create a class bathroom pass by filling out the info in a generic way like saying "Forever" in the "date/time" spot then adhering the pass to the front of a notebook or roll of toilet paper.
  • Draw funny stick cartoons in the margins to represent common destinations so you don't have to fill that in on a moment's notice.
  • Add your electronic signature to all the passes before printing to make filling them out quicker.

Detailed Check Box Hall Pass Template

High school teachers are often in a bigger rush and teens have more possible locations to visit in the school. These bright orange hall passes signal to passing teachers that the student has permission to be in the hall and feature a convenient check box system for marking destinations.

Detailed Check Box Hall Pass
Detailed Check Box Hall Pass Template

Ways to Customize the Hall Passes

  • Fill in the year on every date line and add your electronic signature before printing to make filling them out easier.
  • Create one page of passes for each student in your class(es) by adding their name to the "student name" line before printing. Keep them in alphabetical order in a binder.
  • Once printed, pre-cut a portion of each pass so it's easier to tear off when you need it.

Ways to Create Your Own Hall Passes

If you pride yourself on originality and love craft projects, you can make your own cool hall passes featuring items related to the subject you teach or things your students love. Add printable hall passes to other items to make durable passes or create your own from scratch.

  • Use blank raffle tickets as passes where you can easily jot down the necessary information.
  • Help kids stay out of trouble as they walk down the hall by attaching your pass to a simple handheld toy like a fidget spinner or Rubik's Cube.
  • Make classroom passes by customizing printable wine labels and sticking them to water bottles.
  • Use a candy bar wrapper template to make custom passes on small candy bars students get to eat if they get to their destination on time.
  • Customize and print free hall passes then slide them into name badge holders so kids can wear them instead of carrying them.
  • Create a digital hall pass using Google Forms and a QR code that can track student movement using cell phones.

Give Kids a Pass

Hall passes are a great way for students and teachers to communicate with each other quickly and efficiently. Using a free hall pass template takes one task off your list as you prepare for a new school year.

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Free Hall Pass Templates to Edit, Customize, and Print