Printable Mad Libs for High School Students

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Mad libs printables give teens the chance to create an original story, brush up on parts of speech, and have a little fun with friends. Each age-appropriate free printable mad lib asks participants to fill in the blanks before reading the story as a way to make it complete.

Three Free Printable Mad Libs

To use the printables, click on the image and the printable will open up as a PDF. If you have trouble, you can use this guide for troubleshooting.

The Job Interview From Hell

This is anything but your typical job interview. The Devil himself is hiring, and you were brave enough to apply. Fill in the blanks to make this interview from hell funny or scary. Just beware, the Devil cares most about what you wear.

Teachers can use Mad Lib style printables in a variety of settings. The Job Interview From Hell is a great story to use with high school students who are preparing for a first job interview.

The story will not only get teens thinking about critical components of interviewing but will also lighten the mood of this typically nerve-wracking scenario.

A Summer Love Story

Fill in the blanks to determine how long your summer romance lasts. This sweet tale of love can turn quirky and awkward depending on the words you select, so choose wisely.

A Summer Love Story is written from the perspective of a girl who falls deeply in love with a boy who has to leave at the end of the summer. Any teen girl can have fun dreaming up the perfect summer romance alone or with friends. This story would be fun to do as a group at sleepovers, girls-only birthday parties, or in a girls' program at school. The printable can easily be modified to include other types of relationships by replacing a few pronouns.

Tour the Campus

A ritual experience in the college selection process includes guided campus tours. While some tours may be boring, this one is anything but. Tour the Campus takes a typically boring college tour and turns it into an unforgettable experience.

Perfect for use at home or school with teens thinking about college, this story provides a fun way to explore the history of a fictional college. Universities could also use the story as an added activity during an actual campus tour to lighten the mood.

More Mad Lib Style Stories

While Mad Libs is the name of the company famous for creating this style of story, it is also the term typically used to describe any story that follows the same style. Mad Libs, the company, sells books full of stories about almost any topic. However, there are also many places to play mad libs online or print off fun versions for any age group.

  • A Day In the Life Of A College Student might be a fun introduction to college life for high school juniors and seniors. This online "Mad Glib" allows teens to input words or select the 'random word' button for a bit more variety.
  • Art Class! chronicles a student's note to the teacher explaining why he was late for class. Teens will love the crazy excuses created out of using random words.

Mad Lib Printables Are Stories With a Twist

Mad Libs stories expand upon the reading experience by making the reader an author as well. These stories can provide endless fun when different words are used to fill in the blanks.

Printable Mad Libs for High School Students