60 Daughter Quotes to Share Your Unbreakable Bond

Raising a strong daughter is an act of love and a force of will. Our daughter quotes express all the love that goes into raising your princess to be a queen.

Published March 18, 2024
Cheerful little girl sitting on father shoulder while playing with mother at home

From the moment she's born, your little girl captures your heart. Daughters are so familiar and yet such enigmas. In one moment, they remind us exactly of who we were when we were kids. In another, they take bold risks that take our breath away. But we always love them unconditionally and cheer them from the sidelines as they grow into powerful women. These daughter quotes capture the roller coaster ride that is raising a daughter.

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Daughter Love Quotes

We may treat our daughter like a princess now, but we're raising her to be a queen.

In one moment, she's your princess. In the next, she's a playful imp. And suddenly, she's grown with a life all her own. But through all those moments, one thing remains the same... the unconditional love you have for your daughter. These love quotes capture all the feels in your heart for your little girl.  

  • The best time of the day is when I hear my daughter laugh.
  • I never knew true love until I had a daughter.
  • The first time I ever truly took a breath was the first time I held my daughter.
  • It doesn't matter what she does, wears, says, or thinks. I love my daughter unconditionally every moment of every day.
  • My heart beats as one with my daughter's, and it will until the last breath I take.
  • My daughter is the greatest gift I have ever received or given to the world. 
  • Since I had my daughter, my heart now lives and beats outside of my body in the form of another human.
  • If I had to do it all over again, I'd still choose to have my daughter.
  • No matter how far my daughter travels from me, she's always right here with me in my heart.
  • We may treat our daughter like a princess now, but we're raising her to be a queen. 

Advice Quotes for Daughters From Moms

All you ever need to do to make me proud is to be yourself.

Ah, mom. You did the whole daughter thing when you were a kid, so you know what it's like. These mother-daughter quotes capture some of the hard-earned wisdom a mother hopes to pass down to her daughter. 

  • If I could only teach you one thing, it would be to be exactly who you want. 
  • All you ever need to do to make me proud is to be yourself. 
  • You are perfect in every way no matter what anyone else says. Never forget that.
  • If there's one thing I would have done differently when I was young like you, it would have been to always speak my truth. 
  • Stop worrying about what others think of you — including me. The only thing that matters, my daughter, is what you think of yourself. 
  • Don't look for your reflection in someone else. Find it inside of you. 
  • No boy is worth giving up a piece of yourself. 
  • Finding someone who makes you laugh is way more important than finding a hot guy with a six pack. A sense of humor ages a lot better than good looks. 
  • Be brave and embrace scary things, because that's where you'll find the good stuff.
  • You are so much more than a pretty face. Who you are counts a lot more than what you look like. 

Funny Daughter Quotes

Remember how when you were two, you'd scream, "No! I do it!"? Do that, only with better grammar.

We could pretend daughters are all sunshine and rainbows, but who are we kidding? While there's always love there, sometimes the parenting journey can be a challenge. What better way to acknowledge the ups and downs of having a daughter than these funny quotes?

  • I'm so excited to have a daughter. Now I can play Barbies again, and nobody will judge me.
  • I raised you to be strong-willed, but do you have to turn it on me?
  • There's nothing more humbling than watching your daughter open her mouth and hearing yourself come out.
  • When you discuss me with your therapist, and you will, don't forget all the times I let you borrow my stuff.
  • When you're forced to care for me in my old age, remember that I lived through your middle school years.
  • For the last time, I'm sorry I commented "cool" on your picture on the Instagram. Now will you unblock me?
  • I love that you think for yourself. Really, I do. But do you have to do it when I need you to do something?
  • Before you were born, I couldn't wait to meet you. Now I can't wait to get my favorite sweater back.
  • Karma is having a daughter who's just like me.
  • You may think I have eyes in the back of my head, but I don't. I was just a girl who had a mother who I knew how to get around. 
  • Live with the confidence of that three-year-old girl who believed with all her heart that painting the living room wall with mustard was the greatest artistic endeavor of all time. 
  • Remember how when you were two, you'd scream, "No! I do it!"? Do that, only with better grammar. 

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Quotes for a Stepdaughter

You may not carry my genes, but you definitely carry my heart.

You married her parent and became a blended family, and now you have a bonus daughter. Share your heart with these meaningful quotes. 

  • You may not have chosen me, but I'm sure glad that I chose you and your family.
  • You're the daughter of my heart, and I'm overjoyed you're in my life.
  • I love being your bonus parent.
  • Even though I wasn't there for your birth, I've loved you since I first laid eyes on you.
  • When I married your dad, I hit the bonus daughter lottery.
  • You may not carry my genes, but you definitely carry my heart.
  • Having you as my stepdaughter has helped me grow in ways nothing else ever has.
  • Your presence has turned our blended family into a beautiful masterpiece.
  • Families aren't only about DNA. They're about those we choose to hold in our hearts.
  • Without a stepdaughter, the story of our family would be incomplete. 

Inspirational Quotes for Daughters

If you ever need a reminder that you're perfect just the way you are, call your parents.

Not to get too corny, but you are the wind beneath her wings... at least when she allows that to happen. These quotes can help encourage and inspire your daughter. 

  • You can be and do anything you want, and we'll be your biggest supporters.
  • Live your dreams into existence.
  • When you come to a place in life where you need to make a leap of faith, we'll be there to catch you if you fall.
  • You will make mistakes, but we've given you all the tools you need to learn, grow, and move on with strength.
  • You were fearless when you were tiny, and you can live your life just as fearlessly now as you did when you were two.
  • If you ever need a reminder that you're perfect just the way you are, call your parents.
  • You were the bravest tree climber we ever saw, and that same courage runs through your veins today.
  • Life isn't about not experiencing setbacks. It's about having the flexibility to overcome them, and you were a gymnast. 

Famous Daughter Quotes

Having a daughter is like having a little broke best friend who thinks you’re rich. – Unknown

Find inspo from famous parents, who have a lot to say about their little girls. 

  • “My Daughter… She’s like an Excellent Cut Diamond that shines brilliantly from the inside out. She’s admired by many, including me! She exudes joy, love, peace, and excellence. She is phenomenally made!”
    ― Stephanie Lahart
  • “Angry mothers raise daughters fierce enough to fight wolves.” - Nghi Vo, The Empress of Salt and Fortune
  • “Dear Daughter, Happiness is what you get when you untie yourself from anything that weighs you down.” - Gift Gugu Mona, Dear Daughter: Short and Sweet Messages for a Queen
  • “Having a little girl has been like following an old treasure map with the important paths torn away.” — Heather Gudenkauf
  • “The best music I have ever heard is the sound of my daughter’s giggling.” — Deasish Mridha
  • "By the time you realize your mother was right, you have a daughter who thinks that you’re wrong." – Sada Malhorta
  • "I smile because you’re my daughter. I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it." –Unknown
  • "Having a daughter is like having a little broke best friend who thinks you’re rich." – Unknown
  • "A daughter is a rainbow — a curve of light through scattered mist that lifts the spirit with her prismatic presence. A daughter is a promise, kept." – Ellen Hopkins
  • “Any astronomer can predict with absolute accuracy just where every star in the universe will be at 11:30 tonight. He can make no such prediction about his teenage daughter.” - James Truslow Adams, The Epic of America

Daughter Quotes for the Luckiest Parents in the World

No matter how old your daughter is, she'll always be your little girl, and you'll always be lucky to have her. Our daughter quotes can help you express all the joy of bringing a daughter into the world and raising her to be a strong, powerful woman. 

60 Daughter Quotes to Share Your Unbreakable Bond