Graduation Sayings & Quotes for Grads of Every Age

Whether it's an 8th-grade graduation or college, we have grad sayings that'll fit the bill.

Updated June 11, 2024
Hispanic Student And Family Celebrating Graduation

No matter how old your graduate is, we have graduation sayings that'll fit the bill. It's a big day, so having some sayings in your back pocket — from serious and sentimental to humorous and fun — can help you express yourself to grads of all ages. Use these graduation sayings as part of a special graduation speech or to add to a card, scrapbook, yearbook, graduation cake, or gift for your favorite grad.

Original Graduation Sayings & Wishes for Every Age of Grad

Whether it's a teeny tiny grad in a paper cap or someone who's graduating college, we have you covered with sayings that'll be perfect for the occasion. 

Preschool/Kindergarten Graduation Quotes

Let your little one know how proud you are of them with short and sweet quotes.

Yay! You graduated from preschool. Now who wants ice cream?
  • You've learned your ABCS and your 123s. The rest of school will be a breeze.
  • You're growing up so fast and learning so much. We're proud of you!
  • You're a little graduate and we're so proud of you. Now it's time for you to head to the big kids' school.
  • You've learned to read your favorite rhymes and count from one to ten, but now it's time to say goodbye to kindergarten. First grade, here you come!
  • They may be little, but they're a preschool graduate.
  • We love our little graduate, and we just want to say how very, very proud we are on your graduation day.
  • Yay! You graduated from preschool. Now who wants ice cream?

8th Grade Graduation Sentiments

They're over halfway through their school journey. Let them know you're proud of how they've done so far.

Get ready for the next chapter in your adventure: high school. You've totally got this!
  • You've crossed the bridge of middle school. Now, off to high school, you go.
  • You're over halfway through school and moving on to high school. You've got this. We're so proud of you.
  • You made it through middle school without a scratch. On to high school. We're proud of you!
  • You worked so hard in middle school, and it paid off. We're super proud. Congratulations.
  • Get ready for the next chapter in your adventure: high school. You've totally got this!
  • Look back on middle school with pride. You accomplished so much. Congratulations on graduating to the next level.
  • You navigated middle school with grace. We're so proud of you.
  • Nine years of school down. Four to go. We're so excited to see what you do on your high school adventure.
  • No longer a little boy, you've grown into a man. You're moving on from middle school with a diploma in your hand.
  • You've gotten through the middle and now you're on the top. It's time to head to high school and show them all you've got.
  • Three years ago you were our little girl, but today she is no more. Instead standing in her place is a graduate we adore.
  • You've graduated middle school. You're more than halfway done. Only four more years to go. The fun has just begun.

High School Graduation Sayings

High school graduation is such an incredible milestone. These sayings are perfect for high school grads.

You made high school look like a breeze. Onward to bigger and better things. Congrats, grad!
  • Welcome to adulting! We know you'll knock it out of the park. Congrats on your high school graduation.
  • You made high school look like a breeze. Onward to bigger and better things. Congrats, grad!
  • Congrats, graduate. We know you'll succeed in whatever you do.
  • This little girl is all grown up, and now she's college-bound. We can't wait to see her use the knowledge that she's found.
  • On your high school graduation, I'd like to stop and say, how proud I am of how much you've done to become who you are today.
  • Just yesterday you were in the nest, just learning how to fly. Now it's time to spread your wings and head for the sky.
  • It has been four long years, but now the day has come. Your life is just beginning as your high school days are done.
  • For years, you've dreamed about this day, and now it's finally come. Buckle in and hold on tight, your life has just begun.

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College Graduation Sayings

Whether it's a bachelor's or a higher degree, college graduation is a true accomplishment. These sayings capture that sentiment.

Congratulations on your college graduation. The world is your oyster, and we can't wait to see the pearls you make.
  • We're so excited to see what you do with this new chapter of your life. Congratulations on your college graduation.
  • Congratulations on your college graduation. The world is your oyster, and we can't wait to see the pearls you make.
  • Now it's time to step out into the world and show them just how fabulous we already know you are. Congratulations.
  • All the hard work has come to this, and we couldn't be prouder. Congratulations on your graduation.
  • You're an inspiration to all of us. Congratulations!
  • Watching you walk across that stage will make all the sacrifices worth it.

Graduation Sayings for Every Situation

No matter the situation, these grad sayings have you covered.

Grad Sayings From Parents

It's difficult not to burst your buttons with pride when your kid graduates. 

Your transformation into adulthood has been an honor to be a part of.
  • Happy grad day. We are so proud of the person you've turned into.
  • You've grown into an amazing, graceful, and kind person.
  • Your transformation into adulthood has been an honor to be a part of.
  • It's been a true joy to raise you. We can't wait to see what you go off to do.
  • "A mother's treasure is her daughter." - Catherine Pulsifer
  • "We must teach our girls that if they speak their mind, they can create the world they want to see." - Robyn Silverman
  • What a special adult you've turned into. We are so proud of you!
  • As a son, you're the best. Your graduation is a time to celebrate your accomplishments.
  • You've changed from a curious boy to a thoughtful man. Today we celebrate your amazing journey!
  • As a son, you're simply the greatest! Your graduation today is something to be incredibly proud of.
  • "If at first you don't succeed, do it like your mother told you." - Author Unknown
  • "You don't raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your own eyes." - Walter M. Schirra, Sr.

Inspirational Grad Sayings

If you're looking for an inspiring quote to share with a recent graduate, try one of these.

"Don't go through life, grow through life." - Eric Butterworth
  • "Don't go through life, grow through life." - Eric Butterworth
  • "What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God." - Eleanor Powell
  • "Never give in — never, never, never, in nothing great or small." - Winston Churchill
  • "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney
  • "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
  • "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose." - Dr. Seuss
  • "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." - Les Brown

Short Graduation Sayings

Sometimes it's best to keep things short and sweet. 

  • "School's out. Memories past. Don't ever doubt. Our friendship will last." - Author Unknown
  • "Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same." - Flavia Weedn
  • "There are big ships and small ships. But the best ship of all is friendship." - Author Unknown
  • "We do not remember days; we remember moments." - Cesare Pavese

Funny Congratulations Sayings

Put a smile on the graduate's face with some of these silly sayings.

"The tassel's worth the hassle!" -Author Unknown
  • "A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that 'individuality' is the key to success." - Robert Orben
  • "The tassel's worth the hassle!" -Author Unknown
  • "You know that point at your graduation ceremony where everyone throws their caps? Isn't it great that we all celebrate how smart we are by throwing sharp pointy objects in the air." - Anonymous
  • "You will make a lousy anybody else, but you will be the best 'you' in existence." - Zig Ziglar
  • "Life is too important to be taken seriously." - Oscar Wilde
  • "Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday" - Dale Carnegie

Graduation Banner Sayings

A graduation banner is a great way to decorate a graduation party or your home after the ceremony. You can write or have the following options printed.

  • ConGRADulations you superstar!!!!
  • You're Gonna Soar You Smarty-Pants!
  • Hip Hip Hooray! You've Graduated Today!
  • Your Amazing Journey Begins Today!
  • You've Worked Hard to Get Here, Finals Are Over You're in the Clear!

Graduation Cake Sayings

A graduation cake is a fun way to celebrate such a major milestone! You can write or have the bakery write:

  • Happy Graduation Day to Our Favorite Person in the World!
  • Here's to You on This Special Day! You've Grown into an Amazing Person in Every Way!
  • Graduation=Party Time!!
  • Off to College You Go to Learn a Lot and Grow!

You could also consider having the class motto piped on the cake if it's a fairly simple one.

Yearbook Sayings

If you're lost on what to say in a yearbook, you can try:

  • Can't believe this day has finally come. Let's celebrate our graduation and have lots of fun!
  • Graduation is a time to reflect on yourself. Enjoy every moment of this incredible experience.
  • You've graduated with success. Off to college to do your best!
  • What an epic moment you've seized! You've graduated high school with ease!

What to Write in a Graduation Card

Although there are lots of quotes about graduation and graduation slogans, the most meaningful may be a phrase or saying you come up with yourself. If you're writing a letter or card to a special grad, what was a piece of advice or a bit of inspiration you wish someone would have shared with you when you were a graduating high school student?

For sentiments about education and commencement, take a fresh look at the event of graduation itself and note what strikes you as special about it. For tips on writing your own sayings pertaining to graduation:

  • Congratulate the graduate on their hard work and any specific accomplishments they achieved. You can't go wrong with heartfelt wishes.
  • Offer a piece of unique advice.
  • Write a series of inspirational words or phrases with bullets or periods in between for emphasis (i.e. Believe. Dream. Always be your best...).
  • Write a saying about the gifts the graduate has, and what you appreciate in their personality.
  • Offer a saying about the insight you've gained on facing difficult circumstances. Begin with a saying such as, "Going to college/ pursuing your career/ going out on your own/etc. may not always be easy, but one thing I've learned when going through difficult times is..."

Celebrate the Graduate

Sharing your thoughts with a recent graduate can be an incredibly meaningful moment for you two. Whether you decide to use a famous phrase or a personalized saying to express graduation sentiments, memorable graduation quotes can play an important role in celebrating this culmination in education.

Graduation Sayings & Quotes for Grads of Every Age