Valentine's Day Party Ideas for Preschoolers

Updated November 18, 2019
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Dozens of Valentine's Day party ideas for preschoolers can make this sweet mid-February holiday a fun and friendly celebration. From simple craft projects to fun games, there are many appropriate preschooler activities that are exciting and engaging.

Fun Valentine's Day Party Ideas for Preschoolers

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The best parties will be well-coordinated so students enjoy the friendship of Valentine's Day from the moment they enter the preschool classroom. From Valentine's decorations to sweet treats to themed games and activities, focusing on friendship and caring is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day with preschoolers.

Valentine's Day Decorations

Preschool students learn basic shapes and colors by creating Valentine's Day party decorations that emphasize those important concepts. Consider using the following elements as decorations:

  • Bright red, pink, purple, and white hearts in large shapes placed in prominent locations
  • Cupid figures and cuddly kittens, teddy bears, and other animals in friendly pairs
  • Simple but cute phrases such as "Bee My Valentine" or "We're Beary Good Friends"
  • Balloons, streamers, and other classic party decorations

All of these elements can quickly add color to any preschool classroom and will help create a festive atmosphere that is fun and inviting.

Tasty Valentine Treats for Preschool Parties

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Treats are an important part of any holiday party. Items such as chocolate, candy, cupcakes as well as other sweet items are popular choices for Valentine's Day menus and snacks. Preschool teachers and aides should be wary of giving too many sweet snacks to young students. Healthier options could include:

  • Heart-shaped sandwiches, such as peanut butter with red (strawberry or raspberry) jelly
  • Bright red apples
  • Red gelatin cut into holiday shapes
  • Strawberry milk

Valentine's Day Activities for Preschool Classrooms

Party games and activities are essential for celebratory fun. Activities that preschool students may enjoy include:

  • Simple Valentine's Day classroom party games such as playing "Cupid Says," putting together "broken heart" puzzles with large pieces, playing a Memory or Concentration-style game with Valentine's Day images, or enjoying a heart scavenger hunt.
  • Learning to say "I love you" in different languages, including sign language, to show that caring about others can cross cultural boundaries.
  • Reading Valentine's Day books and stories with messages about friendship and caring.
  • Making lists of everyone each student cares about, including parents, siblings, neighbors, and other people to remind them to wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day.

Valentine Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

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Holiday-themed craft projects are great Valentine's Day party ideas for preschoolers because making different things allows them to practice manual dexterity as well as showcase their creativity. The projects can then be given as gifts to friends or relatives. Popular preschool craft projects that can feature hearts and messages of love and caring include:

  • Making Valentine's cards for parents or grandparents
  • Making glitter snow globes from small jars
  • Creating "love bugs" with heart shapes such as butterflies, caterpillars, or lady bugs
  • Designing bookmarks for their favorite Valentine's Day stories
  • Creating handprint cards, hearts, or other objects to give a "handful of love" to someone special
  • Making heart-shaped paper wings to play Cupid
  • Making heart wands to spread love and friendship
  • Decorating Valentine mailboxes for a classroom card exchange

Tips for Preschool Parties

Not all party ideas are appropriate for preschool students. To keep the party safe and enjoyable, parents and teachers should remember these tips:

  • Avoid giving young students too many sugary treats.
  • Glitter can irritate students' eyes and may be toxic if ingested; use glitter for craft projects only under close supervision.
  • Paper cuts can be painful for small hands so supervise paper crafts carefully.
  • Before providing Valentine treats, be sure to note any students' allergies and have appropriate alternative treats available.
  • Games and activities should be designed so all students can participate and no one feels left out of this friendly holiday.
  • Preschoolers can have very short attention spans; activities should be designed to last no more than 20 or 30 minutes.

Age-Appropriate Activities

The key to a fun holiday party for preschool students is to ensure that all activities, games, and other party elements are appropriate for the children's ages. Preschool students are typically between three and five years old, and complex activities may be too frustrating or difficult for them to accomplish. At the same time, the activities need to be exciting enough to capture a preschooler's short attention span. Many regular preschool activities can be adapted for a Valentine's Day theme, such as making craft projects or reading stories, but there are many other fun ideas that can make a Valentine's Day party memorable for even the youngest students.

Fun Celebration for All

From treats to games to crafts, there are many Valentine's Day party ideas for preschoolers to make Valentine's Day a fun celebration. These ideas are a great way to share caring sentiments with friends and family members.

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Valentine's Day Party Ideas for Preschoolers