Naked Weddings

Updated November 8, 2018
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Although it's surprising to many people, naked weddings are growing in popularity. This phenomenon was once nearly the sole domain of nudists and those living in nudist colonies. Today, even couples outside of this society niche are considering this highly intimate type of wedding.

Naturist Wedding Traditions

Nude weddings involve some or all of the wedding party in the nude and guests as well.

Reasons to Have a Naked Wedding

Many nudists and members of nudist colonies choose to marry in the nude because it makes them feel closer to nature. Others choose this unique take on a wedding simply to try something new and out of the ordinary for themselves. Still others may choose nude weddings for spiritual purposes, citing the intimacy of being in the nude as a way of strengthening their spiritual connection with a higher power.

Make Your Invitations Clear

The invitation should clearly state that the wedding is nude. People should understand that not only the couple, but perhaps the bridal party and/or guests (depending on your wedding preferences) will also be nude. If you are inviting non-nudists or those that may have issues with a naked event, it's important that you choose appropriate wording for the invitation.

Planning a Nude Wedding

When planning this type of wedding, there are a few things you'll need to consider that more traditional brides and grooms will not:

Comfort of Guests

Family and friends may not be comfortable participating in or attending a naked ceremony. It's important to be receptive to their concerns and to answer questions they may have. For example, you may compromise in the following ways:

  • Allow guests to keep their underwear on.
  • Have lightweight cover-ups or robes available for those who don't wish to be nude.
  • Host a separate nude ceremony and then a traditional clothed ceremony.
  • Get married in the nude with like-minded guests, but host a clothed wedding reception following the ceremony.

No matter what, be gracious if some guests decline the invitation due to the lack of clothing. Just as you are free to enjoy your wedding day the way you imagined, they are also free to decline if they are uncomfortable. Keep this in mind as you plan.


It isn't possible to get married in the nude just anywhere. However, there are many resorts all over the globe that cater to this type of event. Likewise, many areas in nudist colonies, on nude beaches, nudist cruises, and at nudist campsites may be suitable for a naked wedding. The event should be held during a season where the weather won't be a problem.


If you want to go in the buff on your honeymoon as well, you may want to check out some nudist advocacy websites that recommend great vacation destinations for nudists. The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) is a great place to check out for vacation ideas.

Considerations Beyond Attire

All wedding vendors involved throughout your planning should be informed that it will be a nude event. Let them know when you make your initial contact. Once you've established the major aspects of your wedding, you'll want to consider a few other items:

  • Have umbrellas and sunscreen available in case of rain or extremely sunny days.
  • Make sure the area has been sprayed for bugs and insects several days prior to the ceremony; check with local companies to find out the number of days between spraying and usability.
  • Make sure you select food items that won't easily spill or cause burns since guests will not have much protection.

Similarities to Traditional Weddings

Other than the fact that getting married in the nude eliminates the need for traditional wedding attire, nude weddings are remarkably similar to typical weddings. Brides and grooms getting married in the nude will still need to think of many of the things associated with clothed weddings.

  • Wedding flowers: Many nude weddings still include bouquets and floral decorations, both at the ceremony and at the reception.
  • Wedding party: Just like clothed events, many nudist ceremonies do include both bridesmaids and groomsmen. Sometimes, these individuals will be clothed, depending on their preferences. Other weddings will feature the entire wedding party in the nude. If you really want everyone in the bridal party to be nude, allow bridesmaids and groomsmen to bow out of the wedding party after you make the request if they are not comfortable with nudity.
  • Legalities: Naked weddings still require a marriage license and all the other paperwork that comes along with getting married. Likewise, those hoping to get married in the nude will need to find an ordained minister or other marriage official to officiate the wedding and make the marriage legal.
  • Wedding reception: The wedding reception serves as an after party for those attending the ceremony, and sometimes for those who didn't attend the actually marriage ceremony. It's a time of celebration with family and friends, usually including food and some type of entertainment. These receptions may be clothing optional to include those who may not feel comfortable shedding their clothes, but still want to celebrate the big day.

Get Wedding Advice From Practicing Naturists

For more information on how to plan a naked or naturist wedding, consult a local nudist colony or search online for nudist communities that can offer you advice and tips. They will likely have plenty of advice for making your wedding dreams come true while helping guests feel comfortable.

Naked Weddings