12 Winter Engagement Photo Ideas That Will Warm Your Heart

Cozy up with a little inspiration. We have everything you need to create the ultimate winter engagement photoshoot.

Published February 22, 2024


Winter is the coziest season, which means it's the perfect time to capture the warmth of your bond. From romantic embraces wrapped in blankets to adorable snow pictures, there are so many winter engagement photos to try.

Experiment with different poses, outfits, and locations to get the perfect picture of your sweet bond. We've got tons of ideas and inspiration (plus some pro tips to make your pictures a total success).

Cozy Up With a Lifestyle Engagement Photoshoot


Not feeling the whole winter weather thing? Hold your winter engagement photoshoot inside instead. If you live together, you've already got the perfect location.

The key to this kind of engagement photo is making it feel emotional and candid and showing a real connection between the two of you. Wrap up in a blanket (bonus points if it's fuzzy) and tell some funny stories about your time together while someone snaps photos for you. You'll end up with genuine laughter, which is so adorable in an engagement picture.

Quick Tip

When I shoot portraits inside, my first priority is the light. Take your engagement pictures next to a big window, and move clutter out of the background if you can. You can also shoot with a shallow depth of field so the background becomes a blur.

Snuggle Up Under the Eaves


Another wonderful place to shoot your winter engagement photos is on a porch or balcony with an awning or roof over it. This is some of the most flattering light you can find, and it's a perfect spot if you're dealing with a little drizzle or less-than-awesome winter weather.

Your pose is important here. One of you should wrap your arms around the other from behind. You can look out away from the building together (like you're gazing into your future), or you can look into the camera.

Let It Snow for Your Engagement Photo


Nothing says winter romance like a little bit of snow. If you're lucky enough to have a snowy backdrop at a park or in your backyard, make the most of that. If not, you can give that snowy feeling with the right background and some real or fake snow.

Evergreen trees are a perfect backdrop for showing snow because they're dark and contrast with the white flakes. Snuggle up together in front of some pine trees and have a friend toss snow above you while someone takes pictures. You'll want lots of photos here since a little luck can help you get that falling snow look.

Quick Tip

Hats are awesome in this type of winter engagement photo, but be careful with your poses. If your hat has a brim, keep your face tipped up a little so the brim doesn't shade your eyes. You can also wear the hat tipped back to get the same effect.

Show Your Playful Side in Your Winter Engagement Pics


Speaking of snow, if you have it, get out there and play in it. Make snow angels, build a snowman together, or have a snowball fight. The idea is to show how much fun you have together.

Quick Tip

If you're going to shoot some winter action shots, choose an overcast day. You'll have plenty of light for stopping motion in your photos, but the sun won't be too bright and unflattering.

Dance Your Way to Winter Romance


While you're out playing in the snow, why not put on a little music and dance together? We get that this isn't everyone's speed, but it can be a super sweet photo. After all, what's more romantic than a dance in the snow?

If you're not into slow dancing, any kind of dancing is fine. The trick is to make sure you're always touching so the photo will be about your emotional connection to each other.

Find a Frame for Your Pose


Position yourselves in a doorway or arch or between trees to give your photos a more intimate, artistic feel. A frame in your scene can make your photo more romantic, especially if there's plenty of snow for contrast.

Try hugging or lifting each other up within the frame. We guarantee it will look ultra romantic.

Quick Tip

Even if it's not really that cold out, put on some winter accessories to give your photo a cold weather vibe. Knit hats, mittens, scarves, and cozy sweaters will all make your engagement photos feel wintery.

Make the Most of Winter's Long Shadows


Winter has a different kind of light than other seasons. The sun spends more time low in the sky, so the shadows are long in the later afternoon and early evening. This is beautiful light for a photoshoot because it gives your pictures a sunlit glow amid lots of dramatic shadows.

Quick Tip

If you decide to shoot in the evening with the sun behind you, use something white or light colored in front of you and your partner. A white sheet is perfect. The bright surface will reflect some of the light back onto your faces.

Whisper Your Way to Perfect Engagement Photos


Want an instant way to warm up your winter engagement photoshoot? Get close and whisper to each other. You can whisper literally anything in your partner's ear, and it will make them laugh or smile. Bonus points if there's steam from your breath and you're dressed in cozy clothing. It will be the cutest photo ever.

Remember That the Beach Is Perfect in Winter, Too


The beach is a great place to take engagement photos, and it's not just for warm weather. In fact, it's actually easier to get great engagement photos at the beach in winter because you don't have to worry about a bunch of people being there and walking into your photo.

Depending on where you live, you may also have more overcast skies in winter, and that's lovely light for any kind of portrait. Cozy up together with a blanket to keep the chill away.

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Enjoy a Warm Drink Together in Your Photos


Share a cup of hot chocolate or coffee during your engagement photos to give them a sweet winter warm-up. We love the idea of staging a picnic by laying out a blanket or cozying up on a bench. Then chat and drink as your photographer snaps photos.

Quick Tip

A winter photoshoot can get chilly, and everyone does well with a break to warm up. Schedule your warm drink mid-way through your photoshoot so you can have a little recharge.

Let a Sunflare Warm Your Winter Engagement Pictures


If you're shooting your winter engagement pictures on a sunny day, take a few that include a sunflare. This light pattern happens when the sunlight hits the various elements of the lens. There's a trick to getting them, but they can be the perfect counterpoint to the chilly winter vibe.

Quick Tip

If you're not working with a professional photographer who knows how to do a sunflare, you can get this yourself. Just position the camera so the light is coming in at just one corner or edge of the frame. Then, tilt the camera a little until you see the rings of light.

Take a Shot in the Dark for Bonus Romance


If you're like most people, you'll keep your engagement photoshoot going until you run out of light (and that happens pretty quickly in the winter). Our tip: don't stop when the sun goes down. Experiment with a few more photos as it gets dark. Use street lights and even holiday lights to brighten things up. These may end up being your most romantic pictures of all.

Be Your Romantic Winter Selves


No matter where you plan to hold your photoshoot or what you wear (we vote cozy knits), the most important thing you can do is feel comfortable and confident together. Just be yourselves and share your love, and your winter engagement photos will be perfect.

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12 Winter Engagement Photo Ideas That Will Warm Your Heart