8 Easy & Affordable Tips for Decorating Your Wedding With Tulle

Whether you're going the DIY route or just looking for some wedding inspo, these tulle decor ideas amp up the romance and playfulness of your special day.

Published January 30, 2024

Plan an elegant and DIY-friendly wedding by decorating with tulle throughout your ceremony and reception. This versatile fabric can cover anything from chairs and centerpieces to cute party favors. Soften your wedding decor with these creative uses for tulle, and plan for a day of sweet romance as you celebrate your union. 

Drape Soft Tulle Over Your Arch

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The arch where you say your vows and share your first kiss as a married couple is meant to draw the eye straight to your big moment. Whether you plan to have a metal geometric feature or a traditional wooden arch, tulle helps soften the look and add movement.

Drap long, flowing strands of tulle around and over the arch to create full swags in various sizes. Puddle the tulle on both sides of the arch to carry the romantic vibes all the way to the ground.

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Tie Tulle Bows to Reception Chairs


Tulle bows on your reception chairs is a traditional approach to using this lovely piece of wedding decor. From elegant covered chairs to traditional folding chairs, a simple tulle bow dresses up your reception seating. Use colorful tulle to highlight your wedding palette and add something special where your guests will spend a large percentage of their time.

Fast Fact

Tulle is defined by its soft, net-like weave. The finer the silk or cotton of your tulle, the softer and more flexible the material will be. 

Make a Beautiful Reception Backdrop

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If you're trying to encourage guests to take photos and share special moments from your day, give them an irresistible backdrop. Puddling layers of tulle in large sheets or small strips creates a soft and inviting space for guests to linger. With twinkle lights and flowers to match your wedding aesthetic, this is a picture-perfect place to create beautiful memories.

Craft a Lovely Dessert Table Skirt

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For your dessert table or even your gift table, a little attention to detail can go a long way. Tulle creates volume and interest around your table as a lovely skirt. Paired with a ribbon border, strips of tulle bring your table to life and invite guests to come over and stay a while.

Hang Sweet Tulle Pom poms

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Draping and pooling tulle is lovely, but round tulle pom poms bring a playful vibe to your wedding ceremony or reception. Use them on the end of the seating aisles, overhead near the dance floor, or on reception seating to sweeten the aesthetic of your special day. 

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Wrap Tulle Around Oversized Balloons

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Yards of tulle draped on oversized balloons create a whimsical decor feature for your ceremony or reception. Use tulle in lengths long enough to cover your balloon's string once it's draped over the bulk of the body. Secure with ribbon or twine around the base of your balloon for an unbelievably easy way to DIY stylish wedding decor.

Set Out Tulle Bouquet Centerpieces

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If hanging pom poms aren't enough whimsy for your day, work in a few pom pom bouquets as well. From centerpieces to floral decor in the ceremony, they help your wedding colors pop. 

Quick Tip

Pom pom sticks on the reception tables could double as cute party favors or a fun photo for your send-off. 

Dress Up a Cake Stand

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If you want to lean into the sweet and playful, carry tulle from your major decor to your wedding cake. A tulle tutu for your cake stand adds volume and interest to a simple cake and ties your colors into the display in a subtle way. Equal strands of cut tulle tied around elastic make this DIY a quick and easy way to dress up your cake.

Helpful Hack

Fluffy pieces of tulle on your cake are another way to add texture and color to the display. Try using plumes of tulle on a couple of tiers, or work it into your cake topper. 

Tulle Death Do You Part


This day is about the love you share with your person and the life you're starting together. The tulle is just a fun and beautiful detail you can include. Tulle has that classic romance aesthetic with a bit of playful, feminine fun and can be a sweet way to dress up your wedding without breaking the decor budget. 

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8 Easy & Affordable Tips for Decorating Your Wedding With Tulle