10 Spring Engagement Photo Ideas to Show Your Love in Bloom

It's the time of year for new beginnings, and we've got tons of ideas to show the world you're starting something special.

Published February 13, 2024


Spring is all about new beginnings, so it's basically a perfect time to take your engagement portraits. Even better, the weather is warming up, and flowers are blooming for beautiful backgrounds. We've got lots of stunning spring engagement photo ideas to inspire you (plus pro tips to make your shoot a success).

Hit the Orchard for Gorgeous Background Blooms


If you live in an area with orchards, you're lucky enough to have the ultimate spring engagement photo location. Pick a cloudy day and head to the orchard with your photographer (or a friend with a camera). Take pictures through the blossoms or between the rows of trees. It's guaranteed to be gorgeous.

Quick Tip

When you're posing for engagement photos, the most important thing to remember is to get close. Touch as much as possible too. This shows anyone who sees the photo what a close bond you have.

Take a Springtime Ride


If you have a bicycle built for two, it's totally time to break it out. If not, pile one bike together or have each of you ride separately for some seasonal beauty. Fill a bike basket with flowers or carry a bouquet for a sweet springtime photo op.

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Embrace a Floral Background Blur


Flowers are pretty in focus, but out of focus, they make a gorgeous watercolor background even Monet would envy. Head to a local botanical garden and get some shots with flowers blurred behind you. You can dress to match the flowers or simply wear whatever you feel good in.

Quick Tip

To get that gorgeous blur, your photographer will need to shoot with a wide aperture like f/1.4. If you're using a phone, portrait mode can give a similar effect, but you'll want to be closer to the camera than you are to the flowers behind you (have them way in the background).

Share Your Moment in the Springtime Sun


All you need is a single beautiful flowering tree and some golden evening light to capture a little springtime engagement photo magic. Take the photos when the sun is low in the sky, usually the last hour before sunset. Experiment with different angles to get one that captures the romance you want.

Quick Tip

When it comes to spring engagement photo outfits, you can't beat a sweet floral dress paired with a neutral top. We also love pastels that match the colors of blooms in the background.

Lounge in the Sunny Grass


Take some time to lie in the sunny grass together (bonus points if there are dandelions). You can chat or snuggle, but it's also sweet if you read to each other or listen to music together. No matter what you're doing, make sure you're showing what a joy it is to be together.

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Show Off Some Rainy Day Romance


Spring isn't always sunny, and rainy days can actually be some of the best light for photographs. A clear umbrella is perfect here because you can take photos through it (and show the two of you cozying up in the rain). You can also frame yourselves with the umbrella too by holding it over your shoulders and facing the camera.

Quick Tip

Taking a photo through a clear umbrella is a little tricky sometimes because your camera will want to focus on the surface of the umbrella instead of on the people. If you can, switch to manual focus so you can control that.

Share a Kiss in a Field of Flowers


For a simple and lovely engagement photo, find a big field of flowers and pose in front of it to kiss. This looks especially gorgeous if you're wearing bright colors and there's a blue sky behind you. You'll get all the pretty springtime vibes that everyone will love.

Let Everyone See How Your Garden Grows


If you love to garden, get out there with a camera and let everyone see your green thumbs. You and your fiancé can work together between the plants or just lounge in a comfy spot. This is the perfect photo if you want something casual that shows your personality.

Settle in for a Picnic at the Park


Springtime picnics are full of romance, so they're totally perfect for an engagement photo. Lay out a picnic blanket and your basket of food and sit together with drinks. Look for a shady spot for photos, since the light will be the most flattering there.

Quick Tip

It's best to shoot this photo from a low angle so you don't have to crane your necks to look up at the camera. It's also a more intimate shot because the viewer will be right at the same level as the two of you.

Go Fly a Kite


Nothing says spring like flying a kite, and it's a really playful idea for spring engagement photos. Find a great open field (bonus if there are flowers) and run toward the camera with the kite. You'll need to take tons of photos because this isn't a posed shot, but you'll get such a sense of joy in the one you pick.

Be Happy Together for Lovely Photos


The most important thing to keep in mind when you're taking engagement photos is to enjoy being together in the beautiful weather. If you're happy, that will show, and every other spring engagement photo idea you try is just icing on the cake.

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10 Spring Engagement Photo Ideas to Show Your Love in Bloom