Vodka-Infused Gummy Bears for an Extra Fun Treat

Published April 29, 2022
Vodka infused gummy bears


  • 2 cups gummy bears, or approximately 9 ounces
  • 1½ cups vodka, approximately
  • Large, clean bottle, jar, or container
  • Slotted spoon or colander
  • Toothpicks for serving


  1. Choose a container that will allow the gummy bears to expand as they infuse. At minimum, gummy bears will roughly double in size.
  2. In the container, add gummy bears, only filling a third to a half of the way.
  3. Add just enough vodka to cover the gummy bears fully. Add additional vodka if necessary.
  4. Cover and store in a cool, dry place, not the refrigerator, for at least 24 hours, but up to three days. Be sure to stir the gummies each day.
  5. After infusing, either remove the gummies using a slotted spoon or drain using a colander.
  6. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to three days.
  7. Serve with toothpicks, as the gummies will be quite slippery.

Picking a Vodka

You don't necessarily need to go top-shelf vodka when it comes to infusing your drunken gummy bears, but avoid the bottom-shelf vodkas that make you cringe. While the gummy bear flavor will do most of the heavy lifting, they won't be able to cover up any of those sharp or harsh flavors. A middle-of-the-road vodka, such as Titos, Smirnoff, or Ketel One, will work beautifully. You can opt for shapes other than gummy bears, including infusing gummy worms, but avoid any gummy candies with a sugar coating.

Flavored Vodka Gummy Bears

Flavored Gummy

Gummy bears already have a sweet, flavorful palette. But that doesn't mean you can't add in a little extra flavor to correspond with your favorite gummy flavor or go all-in with every color together.

  • Make your gummy bears sour by using green apple vodka.
  • However, if sour isn't your jam but you love citrus, consider a lemon, citron, orange, or lime vodka flavor.
  • Capitalize on berry flavors with raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, or blue raspberry.
  • Pick peach, pear, red apple, mango, pineapple, or coconut for other fruit-forward flavors.
  • Whipped cream or vanilla vodka adds a dessert flavor flair to your gummy bears.

Enjoying Vodka Gummy Bears

Vodka Gummy Bears

Don't drop the ball or your gummy when serving your vodka-infused gummy bears or worms. Consider a few serving ideas to maximize your newly made treats.

  • Keep a spoon, small pastry fork, or cocktail pick nearby, so you and your friends aren't stuck with slippery fingers while enjoying.
  • Pierce a few together or simply drop them into a cocktail for an extra boozy garnish and cocktail experience.
  • Craft a gummy bear shish kebab by alternating boozy gummies with plain gummies.

Today's the Day for Your Vodka-infused Gummy Bear Picnic

When you add vodka to gummy bears, you're halfway to the perfect picnic dessert or beach day snack, or just a boozy treat to enjoy with friends and a good movie. However you decide to enjoy your vodka-infused gummy bears responsibly, you and your friends are in for a big surprise -- of flavor!

Love these boozy gummy bears? You can also make a blue gummy bear shot; it tastes exactly like blue gummy bears, but no gummy bears are harmed in the making of the shooter.

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Vodka-Infused Gummy Bears for an Extra Fun Treat