Discover the Reason Behind Coke Bottles' Yellow Caps

Don't worry. Cokes with yellow caps aren't a New Coke kind of debacle, but something else entirely.

Published February 18, 2024
Coca cola bottle with a yellow cap covered with water droplets

Coca-Cola isn’t afraid to take risks with their marketing. Just remember the iconic polar bear and the epic flop that was New Coke. But you might have recently noticed your Coke bottles resembling the Man with the Yellow Hat. Why does coke come with yellow caps at certain times of the year? It’s a mystery that we’re ready to solve.

Why Do Some Cokes Come With Yellow Caps?

Coke is a legacy American beverage company with a footprint all around the world. If you’ve ever visited the Coca-Cola paradise of Coca-Cola World in Atlanta, Georgia, then you’ve probably sampled their walls full of international coke recipes. On top of having such a varied international lineup, they also create unique limited-edition flavors with oddball designs.

But, if you come across a Coke bottle with a yellow cap, it’s not a tri-flavored experiment or some influencer partnership flavor. It’s actually a visual shorthand to indicate that those bottles are kosher. Kosher foods are prepared and processed in a very specific fashion according to standards established in the Torah and Jewish law.

During the Jewish holiday Passover, religious observants aren’t allowed to consume regular Coke because of the high-fructose corn syrup. So, to honor these religious needs, the company makes special batches of sucrose-sweetened Coke, slapping a yellow cap on them so people can tell the difference.

Helpful Hack

If you can’t find yellow-capped Cokes, look for OU-P stamped caps, instead.

More of a Pepsi Stan?

Not liking Coke doesn’t have to be your secret shame. We get it! Everyone has different preferences, and you don’t have to get into a Twilight-esque fever over which team you're on. And if you practice the Jewish faith, then you might want to get that sweet taste of cold Pepsi while abiding by your religious observations.

Unlike Coke, PepsiCo products don’t change their lids to indicate that they’re kosher. Instead, you should look for a capital K or Kof-K listed on the cap of their bottles and near the nutrition facts label on their cans.

Other Kosher Symbols to Look For

Like hunting down gluten-free stuff at the grocery store, finding the best kosher options can be hard. Thankfully, there are some shorthand symbols you can look for.

Martinelli Apple Juice with KSA Kosher certification
  • K: This symbol is stamped on kosher products.
  • Kof-K: This symbol is stamped on kosher products.
  • OU-P: This specifically refers to kosher products that are safe to be had on Passover.
  • OU: These are non-dairy and non-meat kosher products.
  • OK: These are non-dairy and non-meat kosher products that haven’t been prepared near those foods as well.
  • Star-K: This is another kosher certifying company’s symbol.
  • KSA: This is the kosher certification symbol for the Kosher Supervision of America.

Enjoy Your Favorite Products

You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to find the products you enjoy, and some companies make it easier for people following kosher dietary restrictions to get their snacks and beverages without having to perform some elaborate scavenger hunt. So, cool off with a yellow-capped bottle of kosher Passover-safe Coke.

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Discover the Reason Behind Coke Bottles' Yellow Caps