10 of the Most Popular Gatorade Flavors to Quench Your Thirst

Gatorade has released a lot of flavors over the years. These are the most popular.

Published June 6, 2023
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Gatorade has come a long way since 1965, when it was first invented at the University of Florida as a drink for athletes. In the early days, it didn't exactly taste great - some athletes that drank it to replenish fluids even vomited from the flavor. Yum. Thank goodness Gatorade has upped their game and added flavor. Today, it's a popular drink not just with athletes, but with everyone - from kids playing in the sun to adults who got a little dehydrated at last night's party.

With over 20 flavors of Gatorade to choose from, the only thing harder than that workout is going to be which flavor to grab. However, choosing from the most popular flavors? A much easier task. This list of the top thirst-quencing flavors comes from entertainment sources and food websites like Parade Magazine and Delish. Tried, true, and reliable - these are the most popular Gatorade flavors that'll have you ready for round two.

Cool Blue

Sweet, tangy, and iconically chilly blue, Cool Blue Gatorade is the picture of a crisp, cool, rejuvenating ocean breeze. It's no wonder it's such a popular choice, all thanks to its refreshing taste and fan-favorite color of blue.

Fruit Punch

A long-standing, tried and true, favorite for many Gatorade connoisseurs and devotees is the red Fruit Punch. Its popularity comes from its sweet, fruity flavor that tastes like childhood, streetlight curfews, and playing hockey in the street.


The first, the leader, the flavor that started it all. Lemon-Lime, the OG. Its success can only be explained by its balance between tart and sweet. Oh, and the neon nuclear glow it emits. That color means it hydrates double, or so we like to believe.

Glacier Freeze

Otherwise known as the light blue Gatorade, inside this blue bottle you'll find a unique, frosty taste that differs from most fruit-based flavors. Glacier Freeze is a titanic hit for those who want something a little less sweet, but tastier than flavored water. Its light, crisp taste makes it a popular Gatorade flavor time after time.


A simple, no-nonsense flavor that's both familiar and invigorating - crushable, delicious, juicy, Orange Gatorade. Fans of citrus and orange love its straightforward, refreshing taste that won't weigh you down like orange juice.

Riptide Rush

This light, pastel purple drink is one of Gatorade's more exotic flavors. But there's a reason you find these bottles so often gone from the shelf. Riptide Rush has a grape-like taste with a twist of mixed berry. Fans enjoy its distinctive flavor profile that sets it apart from traditional berry or grape options.

Fierce Grape

The bold grape flavor of Fierce Grape Gatorade is textbook Gatorade. The perfect blend of sweet and tart, but fruity and bright purple. It's a comforting, familiar flavor that always seems to manifest poolside after your umpteenth cannonball of the day.

Fast Fact

Gatorade owes its name to the University of Florida and its mascot: the Gators.

Tropical Mango

What's better on a sunny day than a bottle of Tropical Mango Gatorade? Nada. With the rise in popularity of tropical fruits and their alluring flavors, you can understand why Tropical Mango quickly climbed the ranks of popular Gatorade flavors. It's the signature mango flavor that sets it apart from the traditional Gatorade.

Strawberry Lemonade

Tart and sour lemonade meet sweet and summer strawberry for a popular Gatorade flavor that will have you squabbling with others over the last bottle. Gatorade Strawberry Lemonade strikes a balance that few other flavors achieve: a breakfast drink before a long, hot day, a lunchtime thirst quencher, and a late-night sip before hitting the hay. It's a favorite among those who appreciate a nuanced, multi-dimensional taste.


There's something about the taste of watermelon that's inherently refreshing and hits the spot without fail. So it makes sense that Watermelon Gatorade is a big hit, especially in the summertime. Its light, natural sweetness takes Gatorade from the little leagues to the dinner table.

The Power and Popularity of Gatorade Flavors

So, what flavor will it be for you? Classic Fierce Grape, something more modern like Tropical Mango, or will you get back to Gatorade's roots and reach for a Lemon-Lime? Maybe it's best to grab one of each to decide for yourself which of these popular Gatorade flavors is your favorite.

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10 of the Most Popular Gatorade Flavors to Quench Your Thirst