How to Store Macarons So They Last for Months

On the counter, in the fridge, or in the freezer, these tips will help you keep macarons fresh.

Published July 11, 2023
putting macarons into a box

With their delectable crispy and chewy texture and delicate shape, macarons are among the most wonderful cookies you can make or buy. They're perfect the first day, but keeping them fresh requires knowing how to store macarons properly so they don't end up soggy and stale. These helpful hacks will keep your beautiful, delicate cookies fresh for as long as possible.

How to Store Macarons at Room Temperature for 24 Hours

The first day you make or buy the macarons, you should put them in air-tight containers. Place a piece of parchment paper in each container, and don't put more than one layer of cookies in. Seal the container tightly to keep out moisture that can turn your crispy delicacies soggy.

You can put the container on your counter for the first 24 hours, although this can lead to extra snacking as people walk by and grab one. (Hide the container if you want to keep them for yourself or a special event.) After 24 hours, the cookies should go in the fridge to keep them fresh.

Quick Tip

How long do macarons last with proper storage? Expect a max of four days if you refrigerate them. If you put them in the freezer, you can extend that time to months.

How to Refrigerate Macarons for Up to Four Days

Put that air-tight container full of delicious awesomeness in the fridge if you're not going to use them up in 24 hours. Macarons do need to be refrigerated if you're not going to eat them after the first day. It's even more important to keep things sealed in the refrigerator.

You know your fridge best, so place them where the temperature fluctuates the least. In most fridges, this is the center rack. Definitely avoid storing them on the door.

Quick Tip

When you're ready to serve the macarons, pull them out of the fridge at least half an hour ahead of time so they can warm up a little. It's even better if you can let them sit on the counter for an hour or two before serving.

Tips to Freeze Macarons for Up to Four Months

Want those goodies to last even longer? Macarons will last up to four months in the freezer if you store them properly. These tips can help them stay perfect for months.

  • Store them on their edges. Don't lay the cookies flat if they're going to be in the freezer for a long time. Put them on end to reduce breakage.
  • Pack them loosely. Don't cram lots of macarons into a container. Instead, pack them gently together to avoid crushing them.
  • Add parchment paper. Use two to three layers of parchment paper under the cookies and on top of them to help protect them from freezer burn.
  • Freeze them unfilled. Although you can freeze filled macarons, they keep better if you store them unfilled and fill them after you remove them from the freezer.
  • Allow them to defrost slowly. Don't use a defrost setting on your microwave or try to rush the defrosting process. Macarons are extra fragile when they come out of the freezer and will need at least half an hour to come up to temperature.
  • Don't refreeze macarons. If you thaw them out, use them. Refreezing them will make them soggy.
Quick Tip

No matter how you're storing the macarons, don't mix different kinds or fillings in the same container. If you keep them separated, you won't have to worry about flavors combining in ways you did not intend.

Cookies That Need Extra Care

Whether you're planning to eat your macarons the same day or freeze them for up to four months, these delicate little cookies require extra care. Knowing how to store macarons is all about keeping the air out and packing them carefully. That's all it takes.

How to Store Macarons So They Last for Months