13 Meal Ideas for How to Prepare Tofu

Add Tofu to Your Diet


Asking how do you prepare tofu can help vegetarians introduce a highly versatile and nutritious ingredient into their diet for a wide range of delicious recipes.

Before experimenting with how to cook tofu, try different brands to find one you prefer. Some are more solid or moister than others, and you may want to use different types depending on the recipes you will be preparing.

What Is Tofu?


Tofu is made from soybeans, which are a valuable source of protein. The beans are congealed and pressed to make tofu, and the consistency of the tofu is similar to different types of cheese in that it can be hard or soft. Choose whichever type of tofu you prefer for your favorite recipes.

Tofu Appetizers


A common way to prepare tofu is to top a block or wedge of tofu with flavorful spices or sauces as an appetizer. Adding a few greens or sprouts will add even more flavor and make the dish beautifully colorful.

Tofu Sandwich


Firm tofu can be easily sliced for a sandwich and can be used in place of meats or burger patties. For a hot alternative, lightly fry or grill the tofu and add it to a toasted sourdough bun.

Tofu in Salads


Cubes of raw or toasted tofu can easily be added to salads for a filling meal. Choose colorful produce for an attractive and healthy dish. For even more flavor, consider marinating the tofu before adding it to the salad. This can also be a great way to eliminate dressing and other condiments.

Tofu Stir Fry


Tofu is popular in Asian cooking, and a vegetarian stir fry may have chunks of tofu added to it. Served over rice, this is an attractive and nutritious dish that can easily be varied with a different selection of vegetables.

Tofu on Pizza


Tofu can be diced, crumbled, or shredded to add to a vegetarian pizza. Olives, onions, mushrooms, peppers, eggplant, and sliced tomatoes are other popular and delicious toppings.

Tofu with Sauces


Tofu can easily be topped with a variety of delicious sauces. Try vegetable purees, spicy sauces, or Asian seasonings for more variety.

Tofu Smoothies


Tofu is frequently blended and added to smoothies. A tofu with medium firmness works best, and it should be cut into small pieces before being added to the smoothie. Because tofu itself has a mild flavor, it works well with any type of fruit or vegetable smoothie.

Fried Tofu


Fried tofu can be served as an appetizer or entrée. Add dipping sauces for more flavor, or marinate the tofu before frying for a richer taste.

Tofu and Noodles


Tofu goes with noodle dishes just as well as it does with rice. Top noodles with chunks of prepared tofu, spices, and diced vegetables for a tantalizing mix of tastes.

Tofu and Broth


Tofu is a very absorbent food and pairs well with a rich broth or vegetable stock. It will absorb the flavor of the broth while adding valuable protein to the dish.

Tofu Spices


Tofu is often marinated in spicy mixtures, or it may be topped with spiced sauces or ground blends. Popular spices to add to tofu include pepper, anise, cloves, curry, cumin, cinnamon, and more.

Grilled Tofu


Tofu is very versatile and can be prepared in many ways. Tofu kabobs can be grilled, or tofu can be fried, sautéed, baked, toasted, or broiled.

Tofu Cheesecake


Tofu can be used in many recipes that call for soft cheeses; simply substitute in tofu for your favorite cheesecake desserts or other dishes.

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13 Meal Ideas for How to Prepare Tofu