Wines From Burgundy for Under $15

Updated July 29, 2019
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France's Burgundy region produces some of the most expensive wines in the world, so finding bottles for under $15 can be a real challenge. And while you are unlikely to find a classified Grand Cru or Premier Cru French wine from Burgundy for less than $15, you may be able to find affordable wines with lesser classifications.

7 Wines From the Burgundy Region Under $15

It's a bit of a challenge, but you can find wines that come from the Burgundy region that cost under $15 per bottle. Many make good daily drinkers or table wines. Additionally, consider smaller format bottles, such as the 375 mL half-bottle size, sales, or bulk pricing for buying 6 to 12 bottles.

Louis Jadot Macon-Villages

Costing $12 to $15, the Louis Jadot Macon-Villages is a Chardonnay from the Mâconnais region. It is a crisp white with flavors of apples and a hint of minerality. Wilfred Wong from awarded the 2017 vintage of this wine a rating of 89 points.

Servin Les Pargues Chablis

This Chardonnay from Burgundy's Chablis sub-region costs around $14 for a 375 mL bottle, and the 2017 vintage received an 89 point rating from Wine Advocate. Here, you'll find citrus and apple flavors as well as hints of beeswax.

Joseph Drouhin LaForet Bourgogne Chardonnay

The Joseph Drouhin Laforet Chardonnay comes from the Burgundy region and costs just under $15 for a 750 mL bottle. Drouhin is a well-known name in Burgundy, producing quality Grand Cru red and white Burgundies as well as more affordable and accessible bottles such as this one.

Joseph Drouhin LaForet Bourgogne Pinot Noir

You won't always find the Laforet Chardonnay's sister Pinot Noir for under $15, but occasionally you can find a sale where the price does drop below the average $20 you'll pay. And while this won't be a knock your socks off kind of Burgundy, for $15 to $20, it's well worth giving it a try.

Joséphine DuBois Grande Reserve Pinot Noir Bourgogne

The Joséphine DuBois Grande Reserve Pinot Noir Bourgogne squeaks in at just under $15. If you want to taste Pinot Noir grapes from Burgundy, this is an affordable option.

Bouchard Aîné et Fils Bourgogne Pinot Noir

The Bourgogne Pinot Noir from Bouchard Aîné et Fils costs around $14 per bottle. And while it's not made with the best grapes the Burgundy region has to offer, it's still a drinkable red that hints at why Pinot Noir from Burgundy can be so good.

André Delorme Crémant de Bourgogne Blanc de Blancs Brut Reserve

The André Delorme Crémant de Bourgogne Blanc de Blancs Brut Reserve is a non-vintage sparkling wine from the Burgundy region made using the méthode champenoise, which is the method by which some of the world's greatest Champagnes and sparkling wines are produced. This is a 100 percent Chardonnay Crémant, and it costs around $11 per bottle.

Background on Burgundy

Burgundy is an area of France some 100 miles southeast of Paris containing some of the world's most renowned wine-producing regions. Burgundy's major wine regions include the following:

  • Chablis
  • Côte Chalonnaise
  • Côte de Beaune
  • Côte de Nuits
  • Mâconnais

Find Affordable Wines From Burgundy

Burgundy's wines are classified into hierarchical appellations (AOC) that demonstrate the quality of the grapes used to make the wines. The higher classifications tend to be the more expensive, high-quality wines. Classifications in Burgundy from the top down include the following.

  • Grand cru
  • Premier cru
  • Villages
  • Régionales

Finding Régionales on Labels

To find Burgundy's most inexpensive wines, look to the Régionales wines. Here is where you'll most likely find wines costing under $15. Look for the following terms on labels:

  • Bourgogne blanc
  • Bourgogne rouge
  • Pinot Noir Bourgogne
  • Chardonnay Bourgogne

Burgundy's Affordable Wines

Wine from Burgundy can be so expensive it takes your breath away, but there are also plenty of affordable options. So, whatever your budget is, you can find a Pinot Noir or Chardonnay wine from one of France's greatest wine regions.

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Wines From Burgundy for Under $15