7 Good Places to Buy Cheap Champagne Flutes

Updated July 1, 2019
Champagne flute

If you drink Champagne often, you might want to invest in a few cheap Champagne flutes because these delicate glasses are prone to breaking. Champagne flutes are tall and slender and curve slightly out toward the narrow opening at the top, holding about six ounces of bubbly. The flutes' slim design helps the bubbles to develop and concentrate and the aromas rise to the top to be delivered to the palate and the nose. Finding inexpensive Champagne flutes allows you to enjoy sparkling wine at home or, if you're expecting a large crowd, cheap flutes can help you provide a celebratory bubbly beverage to the masses in style.

Where to Find Cheap Champagne Flutes

Most people who enjoy bubbly aren't connoisseurs and just want to buy a few Champagne flutes that look nice and don't cost $50 to $100 a piece. Fortunately, there are many places where you can find great inexpensive flutes for Champagne and sparkling wines.

Oriental Trading - Buy in Bulk

Finding Champagne flutes for a wedding or large party doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Oriental Trading Company is a great party supplier that allows you to buy large lots of sparkling wine flutes dirt cheap. The lowest end choices start at about $15 per dozen for dishwasher safe patterned clear flutes. You'll find an array of styles, colors, patterns, shapes, and materials here, so Oriental Trading Company a great, affordable bulk Champagne flute supplier.

Boxed.com - Affordable, Recyclable Flutes for a Crowd

Boxed.com only has one type of Champagne flute, Tossware Champagne flutes, but if you've got a crowd coming and you want affordable, disposable flutes that are also recyclable, then this is the place for you. At $11 per dozen, you're paying just about $1 per flute, so you can serve a crowd cheaply with high quality, shatterproof flutes made from recycled plastic that are, in turn, recyclable.

Crate&Barrel - Style on a Budget

Crate&Barrel excels at serving up style on a budget, and Champagne flutes are no exception. The brick and mortar and online retailer has a large selection of flutes, including stemless, interesting shapes, flutes by the glass, and boxed sets. They also have a good clearance section where you'll find even better deals. Prices vary, but start at about $3 per glass and go up from, maxing out at about $15 per glass.

Champagne flutes and confetti

Ace Mart Restaurant Supply - Great Deals on Barware

Restaurant suppliers are often a great bet for finding affordable barware as well as for buying in bulk. You'll find flutes by the glass at Ace Mart as well as in bulk (often by the dozen) made from a variety of materials, from disposable plastic for parties to fine crystal. They often have quantity discounts, as well, if you want to buy a bunch for a celebration. For example, get ten plastic disposable glasses for $6 or a case (12) of tulip style flutes for $70 (under $6 per glass).

Target - A Variety of Affordable Styles

Target is a good source for affordable Champagne flutes, and you'll find many of them in their brick and mortar stores with even more online. With many styles, such as etched, monogrammed, and silver rimmed, multiple colors, and plastic, crystal or glass flutes, it's a great way to bring affordable style. Prices start at about $0.50 per glass (for plastic glasses) and top out at about $15 per glass.

Ikea - Inexpensive Scandinavian Design

Whether you visit a store or shop online, Ikea is a great source for all types of affordable barware including Champagne flutes. They don't have a ton of styles, but what they have is inexpensive and stylish with pricing ranging from $1 to $4 per flute.


Overstock is a great place to find deals on home goods; you'll often find quality brands at very cheap prices. Items rotate in and out of Overstock quickly, but you can usually find pretty sets of champagne flutes for less than $10 per glass, and you'll have plenty of choices.

The Argument Against Expensive Flutes

The words "cheap" and "Champagne" will never be uttered out of a wine expert's mouth in the same sentence. Why? Wine snobbery, plain and simple. Those experts that poo-poo on saving a little extra on the stemware (so you can spend a little extra on the sparkling wine or Champagne) do know their stuff. Surely they've tasted Champagne out of inexpensive flutes and expensive flutes, but is it really necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on a set of Champagne flutes? Nah, it's what's in the glass that's important. Besides, worrying about drinking Champagne and sparkling wine out of pricey Riedel glasses could take the fun out of drinking the Champagne because you'll be too worried about breaking the glass.

Tips for Properly Serving Champagne

Here are some quick notes on how to properly serve Champagne and other types of bubbly:

  • Chill it to around 45 degrees Fahrenheit - A bucket of ice water (more ice than water) is a great way to chill Champagne down. Sticking it in the refrigerator takes too long.
  • Remove the foil and wire basket.
  • Place a cloth napkin or towel over the cork.
  • Slowly twist the bottle while pulling up on the cork.
  • Pour the Champagne about one-quarter of the way up the glass, let the bubbles settle and then fill the flute.
  • Place the Champagne back in the ice bucket to keep it chilled.

Champagne Flutes Are Perfect for Bubbly

Whether you're drinking Champagne or Prosecco, American sparklers or Spanish Cava, using flutes enhances your experience. Fortunately, you don't need to spend your entire paycheck on stemware, even if you need enough flutes for a crowd. You'll find plenty of affordable Champagne flutes from the good retailers that will do the job without breaking the bank.

7 Good Places to Buy Cheap Champagne Flutes