10 Places to Find Decorative Wine Glasses

Updated October 18, 2019
Painted wine glasses

Decorative wine glasses can provide an elegant and fun way to present and enjoy wine - there's no need to stick with plain Jane glasses when there are so many fun and fancy options to choose from. While purists may insist on using only clear stemware for wine, the truth is wine tastes the same whether you're drinking out of a perfectly clear wine glass or out of one that is decorative and fun. There are many places you can find unique decorative wine glasses for every budget.

1. Decorative Wine Glasses at Overstock.com

At Overstock.com, you'll find an array of affordably priced wine glasses, some of which are classic and many that are decorative. Whether you're looking for clear glasses with gold accents or etched glass, or you want something completely different such as colored and cut crystal or painted glassware, Overstock has a huge selection at reasonable prices. You'll find glasses you can purchase by the piece here as well as full sets, and you'll pay under retail for them, making this a great option both for selection and value.

2. Unique Imported Wine Glasses at Pier 1

Pier 1 Imports is a great place to find decorative wine glasses, whether online or at their many brick and mortar locations throughout the country. Choose from colored stemware, glasses with seasonal themes, etched glass, painted glass, unique shapes, and more. The retailer sells stemware as sets or by the piece, and you can often find great bargains in their clearance section. The glasses here are moderately priced, starting at about $6 per glass and going up from there.

Etched wine glasses

3. Stylish Stemware at Hayneedle

If you're looking for decorative stemware that's different from other retailers, then Hayneedle is a great place to shop. With dozens of choices, you'll find interesting shapes, fun patterns (animal print, anyone?), exciting colors, and even wine glasses with decorative stems. So if you want to pump up your style quotient every time you serve wine, then check out Hayneedle's collection with prices starting at about $6 per glass.

4. Handcrafted Artisan Glasses at Novica

Novica is a different kind of marketplace. Artisans from around the world can sell their handcrafted creations for a fair price, and you know when you order from Novica, you're getting unique styles that your friends probably won't have. Because these glasses come from artisans around the world, the creators are often freed from the constraints of tradition, and as a result many of the wine glasses are truly unique. You'll find glasses in unique shapes, made from recycled materials, hand-blown, with interesting colors and patterns, and more on this site. While it doesn't have as many selections as bigger retailers, what you'll find here is off the beaten bath, and you'll be helping artisans around the world to make a living at their craft. Prices start at about $12 per glass.

Artisan wine glasses

5. Hundreds of Choices at Bed, Bath & Beyond

Bed, Bath & Beyond has over 1,500 wine glass choices in their online store with many also available in their brick and mortar locations. They've got choices starting at about $5 per glass as well as many high-end selections. With numerous decorative options including glasses with captions, etching, painting, seasonal themes, novelty themes, bright colors, and more, Bed, Bath & Beyond is a great choice for people who are looking for lots of decorative wine glass options.

6. Elegant Stemware Options at Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma offers plenty of classic stemware options from well-known brands, but they've got many elegant decorative wine glasses as well. Look for etched crystal, colored crystal, copper, cut crystal, painted, and golden-leaf wine glasses as classy decorative options. The glasses here are often luxury brands, so you can expect to pay a little more at Williams-Sonoma than some other options, but they are high-quality glasses that will do you proud. Glasses start at about $12 per piece, and you can shop online or at one of the many brick and mortar stores.

7. Wine Glasses for Animal Lovers at Wildlife Wonders

If plants and animals are your thing, then chances are you'll love the decorative stemware options available at Wildlife Wonders. Whether it's sea life, birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, or botanicals, you're sure to find etched and decorated wine glasses to fit your favorite wildlife theme. With both stemless and stemmed options, there's something here for every nature lover. Glasses start at around $10 per glass, and it's easy to find something truly unique for the plant or animal enthusiast in your life.

8. Quality Stemware Classics at Lijo Décor

Lijo Décor carefully curates its collection of items including many decorative wine glasses from well-known high-quality manufacturers such as Waterford, Royal Doulton, Spode, and Swarovski. These are decorative wine glasses perfect for elegant occasions. You'll find glasses that are hand-painted, etched crystal, uniquely shaped, patterned, and more. With high-end glasses come high-end prices, so expect to pay a premium for these beautiful glasses with prices starting at around $23 per glass. These glasses make great gifts or are the perfect accessories for elegant table settings.

Colorful wine glasses with gold leaf

9. Affordable Quality Wine Glasses at Target

Retail giant Target has many wine glass options. And while some are classic shapes and designs, others are fun and decorative, and they're always affordable. You'll find seasonal decorations, etching, colorful glasses, unique shapes, captions, cut glass and crystal, and more here, and the prices are always affordable for a good quality product. Stemware starts at about $2 per glass for plain options or about $7 per glass for decorative stemware.

10. Hand-Painted Girly Glasses at Lolita

If you're looking for something truly unique and fun, consider Lolita's hand-painted stemware. Complete with fun hand-painting, glitter, rhinestones, and more, these unique glasses are for gals (or guys) who truly want to have some fun with their wine glasses. You'll find both acrylic and glass stemware here in multiple themes such as peacock, mermaids, tiaras, florals, and more. With dozens of designs, this is a great place to find wine glasses that few others will have. Designs start at around $15 per glass (or about $5 per glass for acrylic), and you can buy a full set or mix and match.

Finding Unique Decorative Stemware

You can also find unique decorative stemware made by artisans on websites like Etsy and ArtFire or by visiting local artisan marketplaces and fairs. No matter where you shop, the world is full of unique decorative wine glasses that are sure to help you set a beautiful table.

10 Places to Find Decorative Wine Glasses