Must-Visit Wine Stores and Bars in Seattle

Published May 2, 2022
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New to Seattle and looking for the juice? From hilltop bottle shops to curated restaurant lists to party atmosphere pop-ups, Seattle has you covered. Find your classic biodynamic Bordeaux, your spritzy Australian pét-nat, and all your Willamette friends at these Seattle natural wine bars and bottle shops.

Natural Wine Vibes in Seattle

Seattle's natural wine scene is quite literally popping off. It seems everywhere you look there is a bottle of Meinklang Weisser Mulatschak. Beyond the random spots, there are some real gems to find a wide selection of natural wine from hype juice to old-school.

Seattle Bottle Shops

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First rate bottle shops, sprinkled across the city, are brimming with an array of styles, producers, and regions. Try them all and find your favorite.

Molly's Bottle Shop

Molly Ringe curates a list that packs a punch. With two locations, one in Sunset Hill and one in West Seattle, you can find a range of natural wines on either side of the city. She'll steer you towards the right bottle of bubbles, orange, red, white, or rosé for any occasion. If you're in Ballard, be sure to catch her next door at Baker's on Natty Mondays when she pours through a specific style or region. It's a real treat.

Petit Soif

Maybe the sweetheart of the group, Petit Soif is the little sister of retired Vif, beloved by the Seattle wine community. Shawn and Lauren have been bringing their exquisite taste in wine to Seattle for years, and Petit Soif is no exception. The bright little space in Beacon Hill sports a fun collection of natural wines. You can sit down for a glass and snackette too. Pair your vermentino with the roasted shallot dip with kettle chips. You won't regret it.

DeLaurenti Food & Wine

La crème de la crème, DeLaurenti is your one stop shop for natural wine. Looking for that Burlotto Barolo? They've got it. The latest Las Jaras rosé? Check. Canned piquette from Wild Arc and Roots? Yep. Truly browsing their collection can easily take the afternoon. Oh, and bring the big bills, because you won't get out cheap.

Left Bank

A south Seattle favorite, Left Bank has a dreamy wall display featuring Milan Nestarec, Denavolo, Swick, Furlani, and so much more. Go for the killer lineup, stay for a glass and the record player tunes. Side note, you can bring your own snacks, so it's wise to grab a Loretta's burger from across the street on your way in.

Rae Vino

New kid on block Rae Vino is conveniently located at Green Lake, so you can grab a bottle to go and pour your own happy hour across the street. With domestic favorites from Civic, Martha Stoumen, and Broc Cellars along with Old World love from Gulp Hablo, Ampeleia, Martin Texier, and Azienda Agricola COS, you're sure to find something that vibes with your palate.


A tiny, new addition to the Seattle scene, Imperfetta is tucked away in a quiet nook along the Fremont canal. The shop has plenty of options in the fridge, so you can grab a pre-chilled bottle for your post-work juice hour. Bike over when it's sunny, browse the book collection, and drink some vino while you watch the boats go by.

Natural Wine Bars, Pop-Ups & More

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By the glass or by the bottle? You pick. These wine bars and eateries are splashing natural wine all day long and into the night. Go. Eat. Drink. Be merry.


French L'Ourisn is your go-to if you are wanting oysters on the half-shell or steak-frites along side your wine. With a largely French feature wine list (and a handful of domestic wines sprinkled in), you can easily find your biodynamic Bourgogne, Beaujolais and Bandol rosé.

The Whale Wins

This bright and airy space in Fremont has a larder that will make you swoon. A marvelous little collection of natural wines, Portuguese tinned fish, Spanish olives, Island jams, and more fills the entry. With a wood-fired oven crackling in the open kitchen, it's hard to not stay for a glass of bubbles and the chicory salad with hazelnut pangrattato and the matiz sardines on toast.

La Dive

Late night La Dive is great if you're a night owl looking for natty juice. The Capitol Hill wine bar is open until 2 a.m. for glass pours. You'll find a rotating selection of skin contact wines and some fun bubbles here. Go with friends and pair your late night wine session with a side of dumplings.

Juice Club

Juice Club is a tiny pop-up venture started by a group of natural wine loving friends a number of years back. The pop-ups are held in various spaces throughout the city, often accompanied by a short, small plates menu with "bring your own glass" pours, the occasional DJ, a cult following, and a guaranteed good time. The rotation of wines is forever changing. Plan to drink thru their list.


If you're a Delancey fan, you're a die-hard Delancey fan. Sit at the counter and watch the team sling wood-fired pizzas while you sip on your glass of Jura ploussard. Definitely order the wood-fired roasted radicchio and definitely finish your night off with the salted chocolate chip cookie.

Harry's Fine Foods

If the wine list doesn't make you a regular, the magical little courtyard in the back will. Surrounded by Seattle greenery dappled in twinkle lights, Harry's Fine Foods pours fan-favorite Barbara Ohlzelt's gruner by the glass and serves up fried oyster mushrooms, steamed mussels in vermouth and crème fraîche and of course, a very fab burger. Parking is a pain, but it's worth it.


Newbie Blotto is rocking a little corner on Capitol Hill with pizza by the slice and glass pours. With an ever-evolving list featuring wines from Hermit Ram, Keltis, Jauma, Iruai, and Alessandro Viola, you can count on them for your Saturday night. FYI, get there if you're going. It's tight and lines can be long.

Plants & Animals

Plants & Animals is an online only shop with delivery to Seattle ZIP codes. They have a large inventory of natural wines from all over the world, so prepare to scroll their list. Order a few bottles and have them delivered right to your door. If you have a beer or cider lover in the house, don't worry. They've got a killer selection of those as well. Build your own adventure and click "complete transaction" to get drinking.

Sipping Seattle

With so many places to discover your new favorite natural wine, you'll need to dedicate some serious time to visit all the favorites. So start starring these gems on Google maps and get tasting.

Must-Visit Wine Stores and Bars in Seattle