Rundown of 8 Oversized Champagne Bottles

man holding large champagne bottle
Large bottles are perfect for parties.

While most people buy Champagne in standard sized 750 mL bottles, those wishing to serve a large party may want to try larger bottles such as a magnum, jeroboam, or others. Since you need to drink Champagne shortly after opening it, these large format bottles are perfect for large gatherings, or as a gift for friends who frequently host such events.

Sizes of Large Champagne Bottles

You often see oversized bottles of Champagne in bars and restaurants, mainly for decorative purposes. These larger bottles of Champagne aren't sold by every Champagne house, but many offer them through special order. Here are the various sizes for these bottles of Champagne:

  • Standard: The 750 mL bottle of Champagne yields approximately six four-ounce servings.
  • Magnum: The smallest of these large Champagne bottles is basically one and a half the size of a regularly-sized bottle of Champagne, holding one and one half liters.This size pours nine glasses of Champagne.
  • Jeroboam: The Jeroboam is the next size up and holds three liters of Champagne. You can pour about 18 four oz. glasses from a jeroboam.
  • Rehoboam: A Rehoboam bottle holds four and one-half liters.It holds approximately 27 glasses of Champagne.
  • Methuselah: This large bottle is twice as big as the Jeroboam at six liters.This bottle yields 36 glasses.
  • Salmanazar: This large Champagne bottle holds nine liters of bubbly. You can pour 54 glasses from this bottle.
  • Balthazar: The second to the largest bottle is 12 liters. It serves about 72 glasses.
  • Nebuchadnezzer: This large Champagne bottle comes in at 15 liters. In this format, you can pour a whopping 90 glasses.

Champagne Makers Offering Large Format Bottles

Most commonly, you will find Champagne in 750 mL bottles, magnums, and Jeroboams, although occasionally you can also find larger bottles. Some of the winemakers offering large bottles include:

Giving Oversized Bottles as Gifts

champagne bottle
Give the gift of bubbly!

Do you have friends or family that like to entertain? If you're looking for an oversized bottle of Champagne to give as a gift to the Champagne lover in your life, most Champagne houses offer the smaller range of the large bottles such as Magnums, Jeroboams and Rehobaums. Consider:

Buying Large Bottles

If you're looking to save a little bit of cash and think that you'll do so by purchasing a huge bottle of Champagne, think again. You may be better off buying bubbly by the case (12 bottles). Many wine vendors offer discounts, sometimes deep, when you order wine or Champagne by the case. Additionally, a Nebuchadnezzer of Champagne may cost thousands, and pouring it out of such a large bottle can be quite difficult. So, do yourself a favor and order cases of bubbly for your next large get together. If you're giving the Champagne as a gift, stick with more manageable sizes like Magnums, Jeroboams and Rehoboams.

Rundown of 8 Oversized Champagne Bottles