Guide to Rosemont Winery and Wines

Updated October 28, 2019
Grapes and wine

Not to be confused with Australia's Rosemount wine, Rosemont of Virginia wine is made at the Rosemont winery nestled in the lush countryside of Southern Virginia. It is located near the North Carolina border in Mecklenburg County. The winery makes its wines from Virginia grown grapes and features highly affordable wines.

Rosemont of Virginia Winery

Owned by the Rose family, the Rosemont Estate began as a 450-acre family farm back in 1858. Generations of Roses raised cattle and grew various crops on the farm for 145 years. In 2003, the family members decided to turn the farm into a winery, planting over 16,000 grapevines. When the vines were well on their way to becoming big, beautiful wine grapes, the Roses began building the winery in 2006. They officially bottled their first wine, Rosemont of Virgina, in 2007 and opened up the doors of the winery to the public in 2008.

Grape Varietals

Rosemont grows some varietals you'd expect to find in vineyards such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, but it also grows and bottles some unusual grape varietals as well.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Catawba
  • Chambourcin
  • Chardonel
  • Merlot
  • Pinot Grigio
  • Syrah
  • Vidal Blanc
  • Cabernet Franc

Visiting the Winery

The Rosemont winery currently features tastings seven days a week. The tasting fee is $10. Seated group tastings are also available with reservation for $15 per person. They accommodate private parties, weddings and have a wine shop on site. Other amenities of this small winery include:

  • A picnic area - Bring a blanket, pack a lunch and enjoy the country views of this beautiful wine estate while sipping on a bottle of wine.
  • Light food such as various cheeses and crackers - The winery also has a few offerings of different meats to go along with your cheese and wine.


Events at the winery include a summer concert series, an annual wine and art festival, and holiday wine seminars. Visit the winery's event page for specific details.

Weddings and Private Event Spaces

The winery also has space available for weddings and privately held events. Event spaces include:

  • Meeting room that holds up to 24 people
  • Art gallery that can seat 64 or hold up to 125 people at a cocktail style gathering
  • Sun room that holds 40 seated guests or 75 cocktail guests
  • Full winery booking holds up to 120 seated guests or 250 cocktail guests

Call 434-636-9463 or visit the private events page to inquire.

Rosemont Wine Selection

The Rosemont wine collection includes sparkling, white, red, sweet, and fortified wines.

The Whites

Here are Rosemont wine offerings in white:

  • Sparkling white - This sparkling white wine is very dry and made from Chardonel grapes using the Charmant method to make sparkling wine. Expect flavors if peaches and brioche. Cost is $25.
  • Traminette - This crisp white is made from the Traminette grape, an offshoot of the German Gewürztraminer grape. Expect a dry wine with flavors of citrus and spice. Cost is about $17.
  • Virginia white - This is a blend of Chardonel, Vidal Blanc, and Traminette. Expect honeysuckle and grape flavors. Cost is around $15 per bottle.
  • Block A - This wine is a blend of Pinot Grigio and Chardonel. You'll find aromas of pear and kiwi in a wine that costs around $19 per bottle.
  • Lineage - This small batch wine is available only to wine club members. It's made from 100 percent barrel aged Chardonel and costs around $22 per bottle.

The Reds

Here are a few tasting notes for the red wines offered by Rosemont:

  • Virginia Red - This blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin, and Syrah tastes of cherries and oak. The 2015 vintage took Gold at the Virginia Wine Lovers' Classic. It costs around $15 per bottle.
  • Merlot - Expect flavors of dark fruits and cocoa powder in a $22 bottle of wine.
  • Syrah - This is a classic Syrah with ripe fruit flavors and nice spice for $21 per bottle.
  • Cabernet Franc - Lighter bodied than the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Cabernet Franc displays forward fruit flavors with a just a bit of vanilla and costs around $23 per bottle.

Sweet and Fortified Wines

The winery makes both dessert wines and vermouth.

  • Lake Country Sunset - This is a sweet white wine made from regular harvest and late harvest Vidal Blanc. Pineapple, pear, and citrus flavors are present in this $14 wine.
  • Blackridge Red - This sweet red wine is a jammy and flavorful wine made from Cambourcin. It costs $14.
  • Vermouth - This small batch dry vermouth is fortified with brandy and aromatized with local botanicals. It costs $25.

All the bottles offered by Rosemont are moderately priced, under $30 per bottle. Wines are available at the winery and online.

Try Virginia Wines

The state of Virginia may not be as well known for producing wine like California, Oregon, or Washington, but the history of wine making in one of the original 13 colonies in the United States goes back for over a century. In fact, the state of Virginia was growing and producing wine grapes for over 150 years before the first grapevines in California were even planted. Many of the wineries that are peppered all over the state are housed in old buildings that have been renovated, making a visit to Virginia wine country unique. You can enjoy a few glasses of great wine and learn a little United States history while you're at it!

Guide to Rosemont Winery and Wines