Five Noritake China Patterns Worth Serious Money

Here's what to look for when you're browsing at antique stores and in your china cabinet.

Published March 28, 2024
Vintage Noritake Chocolate Pot sitting on bench outside

With its intricate, hand-painted designs and captivating luster, it's no wonder that Noritake is one of the most popular china brands in the world. Your parents and grandparents probably had a few pieces (or even a whole set), and it's good to know a bit about Noritake china values so you can decide which pieces you want to keep and collect. Certain patterns can sell for hundreds of dollars a place setting, but others are only worth around $25 for five pieces.

Five Valuable Noritake China Patterns to Watch For

As you shop in antique stores and thrift shops or just take stock of what's in your china cabinet, look for these super valuable patterns. They tend to bring top dollar when sold at auction.

Noritake Pattern Value per Place Setting
Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel Dinnerware $512
Foxboro $365
20056 Black and Gold $188
Fitzgerald $170
Hemingway $129 - $140

Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel Dinnerware

Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel Dinnerware

Although you may not find this at the thrift store, we couldn't resist including it anyway. This 1925 design was a collaboration between Frank Lloyd Wright and Noritake for the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. There are several versions of this pattern, and most are valuable. A 32-piece set sold at auction in 2023 for $3,276, which is about $512 a place setting.


Foxboro by Noritake Oval Platter Mint Condition With Tag

Foxboro is a vintage Noritake pattern that was discontinued in 2001, and it's actually worth more than a lot of the really old Noritake. It's an absolutely gorgeous design with a wide band of cobalt blue around the rim. The edge is scalloped, and the band has gold trim and sweet bird decorations on it. A five-piece place setting sold on eBay for $365 in 2024. It was in mint condition.

20056 Black and Gold

Elegant Noritake 20056 Black-Gold Ornate Rimmed Bon Bon/ Trinket Tray

An ornate pattern dating to 1924, 20056 is a lovely design of black with gold embellishments. It has a simple shape and delicate white base, but the glimmer of the gold accents and the scrollwork motif make it feel very fancy at the same time. Because this is an old Noritake pattern, it's hard to find. A set of eight place settings sold for $1,500 in 2024, making it about $188 per five-piece place setting.


Noritake Opulence 4 Place Settings

Hailing from the 1990s, Fitzgerald is a simple pattern with an emerald green band and gold accents. It's got plenty of vintage charm, and it's hard to find in good condition. Replacements sells a five-piece place setting for about $170, and a covered vegetable dish sold at auction in 2024 for $360.


Noritake Hemingway Plates

Another pattern from the 1990s that fetches high prices is Hemingway. Replacements asks about $140 for a five-piece place setting of this classic design with a red marble pattern on the border and bold accents in gold. A set of service for 14 sold at auction in 2024 for $1,800, making it about $129 per five-piece place setting.

Need to Know

Most Noritake patterns aren't this valuable. It's common to see a whole set of service for eight or 12 selling for under $200. Common individual pieces like teacups or bread and butter plates can sell for a few dollars apiece.

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Factors Affecting Noritake China Value

While certain patterns tend to be valuable, there are some other factors that make a huge difference in the value of Noritake china. Even though this china is special, there's a lot of it out there. To find out if yours is worth money, consider these qualities.


One of the most important things to consider when assigning value to china is its condition. Chips, cracks, stains, and scratches will detract from the price you could get for it. Unless you're talking about something really old or rare, buyers will pass up china with damage. Use a magnifying glass to look for small scratches and cracks that could detract from its value.


Older Noritake is worth more than newer examples, except when there's a lot of demand for a specific newer pattern. Those patterns made in the early years of the 20th century are often worth the most.

Type of Piece

In any pattern, there are some pieces that are rarer and more valuable than others. Teacups, saucers, and side plates tend to be worth less than serving pieces because there were just fewer serving pieces made. For example, Replacements asks about $10 for a saucer in pattern 20056, but a punch bowl with a little damage sells for almost $450.


Because Noritake has such a long history, there are patterns that really evoke the eras when they were made (and can feel dated in a bad way on a modern table). On the other hand, certain elements like gold edging or a charmingly retro style can add to the value of that pattern. It's all about what people want to see in their china cabinet or on their holiday table.

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Not All Value Is Monetary

While Noritake china values depend on what people want and the condition of the pieces, don't forget that not all value is monetary. If you remember seeing that china on your grandma's table every Thanksgiving, it's already worth more to you than it would be to anyone else.

Five Noritake China Patterns Worth Serious Money