5 Retro Members Only Jackets to Max Out Your 80s Style

Who needs Narnia when rummaging through your dad's closet can send you back in time? The first thing we're grabbing is one of these sick Members Only jackets.

Published May 14, 2024
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What's one thing Stranger Things and Jurassic Park have in common? Their characters show off their Members Only love with pride. These slouchy jackets with their epaulet shoulders and ribbed hems were all the rage in the 1980s. Though they’re not the long-lasting hit people hoped they’d be, there are some valuable Members Only jackets that outdo the rest.

5 Valuable Members Only Jackets With Maximum 80s Style

Growing up with parents whose stomping grounds were the 1980s, I feel a ton of nostalgia for 80s trends I’ve never actually experienced. The absolutely unhinged — and inexplicable — obsession over Members Only jackets is one of them. These chintz coats were the peak of 80s subtle luxury, and they’ve got just as much of a cult following today as they did in 1982.

Valuable Members Only Jackets Recent Sales Prices
Louis Vuitton "Dapper Dan" Jacket $1,500
Richard Chamberlain Screen-Worn Jacket $768
Frank Sinatra Tour Jackets $400-$600
80s Leather Jacket with Fur Collar $149.95
MGM Jacket $99.99

Louis Vuitton “Dapper Dan” Members Only Jacket: $1,500

If you’re in the market for an expensive Members Only jacket, keep your eyes peeled for the special edition Louis Vuitton Members Only leather coat, decked out in the brand’s house code monogram pattern. A staple at Dapper Dan’s 1980s hip hop/streetwear shop, this slouchy jacket boasts a Louis Vuitton tag.

Vintage Louis Vuitton always does well on the resell market, so it’s a no-brainer that an LV Members Only would garner attention. One in great condition recently sold for $1,500 on eBay.

Richard Chamberlain Screen-Worn Members Only jacket: $768

Richard Chamberlain is one of those mid-century actors who fell into pop culture obscurity. But a screen-worn Members Only jacket of his (plus two other coats from his collection) came to a Juliens’ auction in 2022. One collector nabbed the lot for $768.

The greige coat isn’t that remarkable to look at, but any costume piece that’s screen worn has its appeal.

Fast Fact

One of the most iconic movie moments involving a Members Only jacket comes from everyone’s favorite summer blockbuster Jurassic Park. The image of Dennis Nedry taunting an overgrown poison-spitting dinosaur in his bright yellow Members Only jacket is burned into our brains.

Frank Sinatra Tour Jackets: $400-$600

While your brain might do a few funny flips while trying to picture Mr. Blue Eyes himself wearing this very 80s coat, rest assured that you have nothing to worry about. Instead, his tour crew were gifted these Members Only jackets for being a part of the experience.

Though it looks like they didn’t sell at their Bonham’s auction, they were estimated to be worth $400-$600, which is a high price for a collection of Members Only coats.

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Members Only Leather Jacket With Fur Collar: $149.95

If you don’t want to give off major yuppie vibes, a vintage leather Members Only jacket might be just the thing for you. Because of the more expensive material, these retro jackets can sell for anywhere between $100-$300. For instance, once recently sold on eBay for $149.95.

MGM Members Only Jacket: $99.99

Members Only jackets became so popular in the 1980s that companies were ordering custom jackets for their employees in droves. Get a handful of Racer jackets, embroider them with your company’s logo, and BAM — you’ve got the perfect company Christmas gift.

Some of these can sell for upwards of $100, like this MGM Members Only jacket that went for $99.99 online. Head back to the children's television heyday and snag a vintage Members Only Nickelodeon jacket while you're at it. 

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5 Authentic Members Only Jacket Characteristics to Know

While 80s Member Only jackets might only be worth about $50-$100 today, you don’t want to get scammed out of the real thing. Thankfully, there are a few different characteristics you can look for to ensure you’ve got an authentic jacket on your hands.

  • Shoulder epaulets: Shoulder epaulets are one of the main features that you’ll find on a genuine Members Only jacket.
  • Collar strap: Members Only coats zip up to a mandarin collar that can be snuggly shut with a collar strap.
  • Members Only tag: Depending on the coat, you might find a black and white tag underneath the pocket and/or near the neck.
  • Ribbing at the bottom: Another notable Members Only jacket feature is the knitted ribbing along the bottom hem.
  • Chintz and/or leather fabric: Vintage Members Only jackets were made out of several materials, including colorful chintz and leather.

Become a Member of the Members Only Club

Every decade has its runaway hit brand that blows up seemingly overnight. In the mid- to late-2000s, it was Vera Bradley and their endless paisley prints. But the 1980s had Members Only jackets for days. Get that 1980s moneyed aesthetic with the real deal — a vintage Members Only.

5 Retro Members Only Jackets to Max Out Your 80s Style