Pictures of Whimsical Teapots That Will Make You Smile

Updated July 2, 2019

Endless Options for Whimsical Teapots

Next time you have company over, use a whimsical teapot to serve up a smile. These adorable teapots come in so many different styles you'll never get tired of collecting them. From cute teddy bears like this example to mid-century charmers in pastel shades, the options are endless. You can collect one type or design or simply pick up any style that suits your mood at that moment.

A Prince of a Froggy Teapot
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If you're hosting tea on your patio this summer, an adorable peek-a-boo froggy teapot is the perfect choice to make everyone smile. Novelty options, like the sweet frog, are great because they also serve as a conversation piece. Plus, this soft green shade will match any type of floral teacups and saucers.

Country Rooster Teapot
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Chickens are the perfect touch for any country kitchen, and a rooster teapot can be the crowing crown jewel of your chicken collection. These bold designs are great with simple, casual teacups, such as Fiesta Ware mugs or ironstone dishes. You'll love the bright colors and fun mood.

Nautical Lighthouse Teapot
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Adding beach cottage charm to your home is easy with this whimsical lighthouse teapot. The nautical design works well with casual lakeside decor, and it looks especially great with red dishes. Your guests will be charmed by this beauty.

Teapot Full of Colorful Whimsy
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This fanciful teapot is looks like it belongs in a children's book! If you want to make friends of all ages smile, this is sure to be a winner. Keep an eye out for teapots like this at artist marketplaces and galleries. It's the kind of thing you'll love for years to come.

Retro Jukebox Teapot
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Thinking about having a retro tea party? This jukebox is perfect for everything from sock hops to sencha. You can find examples like this at some thrift stores or online. It would look perfect with a mid-century tea set in pastel shades.

Teapot of Packed Bags
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A perfect 'bon voyage' gift, this design really packs a lot of personality into a teapot. It's a great piece to start your collection of figural teapots, or you can use it with just about any style of tea set.

Cinderella Teapot
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Cinderella's carriage makes a perfect statement for a fairy tale tea. Use your fanciest dishes, put on some wings or a princess tiara, and bring out this unusual teapot. Guests of all ages will feel the magic.

Teapot With a Face

You can make your guests smile - or at least raise an eyebrow - when you serve tea out of this teapot shaped like a face. This quirky pot will start conversations, no matter who you have over for tea.

Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Tea-kini

Delight everyone at your table with a little yellow polka dot teapot. This is perfect if you just need tea for one that will cheer you up or you're having a fun summer tea with a friend. Either way, it's whimsical and cheerful.

Snake-Covered Teapot

Ordinarily, snakes aren't what you think of with tea, but this adorable red teapot shows that they have their place too. Here, a sweet snakey friend winds his way around the side of the teapot. This could be a great choice for a teaparty with kids.

Fruity Fun Teapot

A teapot in the shape of your favorite fruit is a fun way to add whimsy to a casual afternoon gathering. This one is in the shape of a pear, but you'll also find great examples in vintage stores in the shape of strawberries, oranges, and other fruits.

Collecting Whimsical Teapots Is Fun

If you are in the mood to collect whimsical teapots, check out the selection at your local antique shop, thrift store, or flea market. You'll also find great teapots amid collectible cookie jars and other kitchenwares at resale shops and garage sales. Keep your eyes out, and you just might find your next conversation piece.

Pictures of Whimsical Teapots That Will Make You Smile