Vintage & Antique Plant Stands: Identification, Value, & New Uses

There are so many gorgeous antique plant stands, and they're surprisingly useful in modern homes.

Published April 9, 2024
botanic living room interior with plants in wooden stands

Indoors or out, an antique plant stand is a classic and beautiful way to showcase your favorite plants. We love using these vintage pieces to call attention to your best specimens. You'll find plant stands in wood, metal, and other materials, plus pretty much every design style that's been trendy over the past couple of centuries.

How to Identify an Antique Plant Stand

Plant stands look like other small end tables, but they have a few qualities that make them unique. First, they tend to be small in terms of surface area — there's enough space to show off a single potted plant, and that's about it. They also tend to be a little taller than a standard end table.

Need to Know

To be considered antique, a plant stand must be at least 100 years old. Anything between 20 and 100 years old is considered vintage (and still has plenty of appeal).

You can tell a plant stand is an antique by examining the construction. Look for the following characteristics:

  • Label from an antique furniture company on the underside of the stand
  • Patina or wear that is consistent with age
  • More than one type of wood used in construction
  • Original furniture hardware that's more than 100 years old
  • Lack of symmetry and perfection

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Types of Antique and Vintage Plant Stands

Plant stands come in tons of different styles and materials, so it's all about what you like and what works in your space. There's no wrong answer with these functional antiques.

Metal Plant Stands


Antique metal plant stands are classic for a reason. You've probably seen them on patios and porches all your life. They're often made of wrought iron or cast iron, but you'll also see them in brass, bronze, and other metals. They may be painted or left bare.

Wooden Plant Stands

Antique Plant Stand Maple Wood with Turned Bobbin Legs 1900s Era

Wood is another popular material for plant stands, especially those for indoor use. Look for ornate carvings and furniture details of the period. Many antique wooden plant stands have turned legs or feet.

Plant Columns

Antique White Marble Pedestal Plant Stand with Top Brass Gallery

Some plant stands are columns. The plant rests on the top of the column, which can take up a small amount of floor space in a room. The columns can be made of stone, plaster, wood, metal, or any other durable material.

Tiered Plant Stands

Vintage Black Cast Iron VICTORIAN Style 3 Tier PLANT STAND

Another popular design is a plant stand with multiple tiers. You can display more than one plant this way, which makes it perfect if you have a big collection of pots.

Figural Stands

Antique Italian Victorian Figural Cherub Plant Stand Floor Sculpture

Figural designs are some of the most charming styles of antique plant stands. Look for stands in the shape of animals, people, and other familiar figures. The plant rests on top, making the entire piece a focal point for your garden or room.

Antique Plant Stand Values

You can find vintage and antique plant stands at flea markets and antique shops for under $100, but many sell in the $100 - $250 range. Special designs or very fine workmanship can make them more valuable, and condition matters, too. If you're wondering how much your antique plant stand is worth, it's a good idea to compare it to some that have recently sold:

  • A circa 1900 wooden plant stand in the form of a column sold for about $800. It was in pristine condition and would work with almost any style of decor.
  • A figural Hollywood Regency-style elephant plant stand also sold for about the same price, fetching $795 at auction. It had the original paint job and would make a unique statement.
  • A beautiful Victorian wood plant stand with some damage sold for about $325. It had a gorgeous patina and was in good structural condition.
  • An antique metal plant stand sold for about $200. It was in good condition and had a cute Art Deco style.
Need to Know

One of the biggest factors in determining the value of antique plant stands is beauty. The purpose of a plant stand is purely decorative, so to be valuable, they need to be attractive.

Creative Ways to Use and Display a Plant Stand

You can always use a plant stand to display a plant, but there are other ways to put it to work in your home, too:

  • End table - Although they're taller than a standard end table, plant stands can be a good height for holding a drink or bouquet of flowers next to your chair.
  • Hall stand - Use an antique plant stand to keep track of keys, notes, and other items next to your front door.
  • Lamp stand - Elevate a table lamp with a small plant stand, turning it into a focal point in your room.
  • Bathroom storage - Use a plant stand with a drawer to display toiletries and bath products in your bathroom.

Elevate a Plant to the Realm of Art

No matter how you choose to use it in your home, an antique plant stand instantly elevates a plant or object to the realm of art. There are so many fun styles to choose from, too, so it's fun to mix and match styles and eras.

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Vintage & Antique Plant Stands: Identification, Value, & New Uses