Five Most Valuable Vogue Patterns Worth Checking Your Attic For

Check your sewing box (or your grandma's attic) for these valuable Vogue vintage pattern lines.

Published May 9, 2024
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You probably remember walking into a fabric store and seeing racks of Vogue patterns in their printed envelopes. These iconic designs are part of sewing (and fashion) history, and some of the most valuable Vogue patterns now sell for hundreds of dollars. If you have some vintage patterns, it's worth taking a closer look at them to see if they might be worth something.

Most Valuable Vogue Pattern Lines

Since the turn of the 20th century, Vogue has been one of the top names in sewing patterns. The first designs were part of the Vogue Magazine's "Weekly Pattern" feature, which was printed in the magazine starting in 1899. Eventually, they transitioned to creating paper patterns for sale individually, and you can still find these in vintage stores.

Over the years, Vogue has released patterns in special lines, often associated with designers. Since there are a lot of factors that can affect the value of a Vogue vintage pattern, it's easiest to compare patterns using these lines. Some of these pattern lines can be especially valuable.

Quick Tip

Vintage sewing patterns are most valuable if they are uncut, which means the pieces are still intact. Add in neat factory folding for the paper and an envelope in good condition, and you're looking at top dollar values.

Vogue Pattern Value Range for an Uncut Pattern
Vogue American Designers $20 - $400+
Vogue Paris Originals $25 - $300+
Vogue Couturier Designs $25 - $294+
Vogue Special Designs $20 - $70+
Vogue Americana $20 - $50+

Vogue American Designers

Vogue 1665 Vogue American Designer Calvin Klein

Vogue paired with famous American designers like Oscar de la Renta, Donna Karan, and Claire McCardell to create trendy designer patterns that home seamstresses could use to make their own clothes. Uncut, these patterns range in value from under $20 to hundreds of dollars. For instance, a 1950s Vogue American Designers Claire McCardell pattern for a dress with sleeves sold for just under $400.

Vogue Paris Originals

Vintage Pattern c.1960's Vogue No.1716 Paris Original by Gres Size 16, Uncut, Factory Folds

Vogue Paris Originals were all the rage in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. They include designers like Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, and many others. If they're uncut, these can be worth quite a lot. On the low end, they go for around $25, but it's common to see them selling for hundreds. A Vogue Paris Originals pattern for a 1950s haute couture evening gown sold for about $300.

Vogue Couturier Designs

1950s Sewing Pattern Vogue 100 Dress Size 12 Ronald Paterson of England Vogue Couturier

Another valuable Vogue vintage pattern line is Couturier Designs. The oldest patterns in this line date back to the 1930s, and many of these very old ones don't involve a famous designer. Their values start around $25 and can range into the hundreds, although many sell for under $100. A 1940s Vogue Couturier Designs pattern for a dress with a gathered bust sold for $294.

Vogue Special Design


Less valuable than some of the other lines, the Vogue Special Design patterns can still be worth quite a bit. While these vintage patterns rarely sell for hundreds of dollars, uncut patterns can be worth about $20 to $70. A 1930s Vogue Special Design pattern for a draped, knee-length dress sold for $70.

Vogue Americana

Vogue Americana 1769 Oscar de la Renta Vintage 1960s Dress Sewing Pattern

Pairing with designers like Bill Blass and Anne Klein, Vogue made the Americana pattern line to appeal to home seamstresses who wanted wearable designer looks they could sew themselves. These vintage patterns aren't worth as much as some of the other lines with uncut patterns selling for $20 to $50. A simple Vogue Americana pattern for a shift dress sold for about $50.

Quick Tip

In general, older patterns tend to be more valuable. They're rare, especially if they're uncut, and they have tons of vintage appeal. If they are in wearable sizes, they can be worth even more.

Value of Vintage Vogue Wedding Dress Patterns

Wedding dress patterns can be especially valuable too, with some uncut Vogue vintage patterns for bridal gowns selling for hundreds of dollars. Value depends on the condition of the pattern with a crisp envelope, factory-folded pattern, and clearly printed picture of the design adding to what the pattern is worth.

Not every wedding dress pattern is going to be worth a lot, but it's common to see complete patterns selling for over $100. A 1950s Vogue Paris Originals wedding dress pattern sold for about $350.

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Vogue Patterns Represent an Era

Ultimately, Vogue patterns are a glimpse into fashion history, as well as the art of home sewing. They're valuable because they represent an era. If you think you might have a pattern that's worth something, compare it to recently sold patterns in the same line to get a sense of its value.

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Five Most Valuable Vogue Patterns Worth Checking Your Attic For