How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier So It Sparkles

Your chandelier should be giving Paris Opera vibes, not Grey Gardens. Keep it bright and sparkling with the right cleaning methods and schedule.

Published July 18, 2023
cleaning a chandelier

Crystal chandeliers are like cars. They're breathtaking when they're clean, and they're an eyesore when they're not. Don't leave your statement fixture in a smudgy, unsightly state.

The best way to clean your crystal chandelier uses ingredients you have lying around your pantry. And we have hacks for making the process so much easier.

3 DIY Ways to Clean Your Chandelier

There's a reason the glittering chandelier in Beauty and the Beast makes such an impact in the scene; these light fixtures command attention. But this attention can quickly turn sour when all you can look at is the dirt and dust caked all over the hanging crystals.

After giving your chandelier a good dusting using a duster or microfiber cloth, you can use one of these DIY methods to give your chandelier its sparkle and shine back.

Use Vinegar & Dish Soap

Vinegar and dish soap are staples when it comes to DIY cleaning, and they're safe to use on your crystal chandeliers. It's easier to clean the individual hanging crystal pieces by taking them off the chandelier itself and rinsing them in this vinegar and dish soap mixture.

You'll need

  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 4 cups water
  • 3-5 drops of dish soap


  1. Carefully remove crystals from the chandelier.
  2. Dip each of the individual pieces into the cleaning solution two or three times.
  3. Wipe clean with a fresh microfiber towel.
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Helpful Hack

If the chandelier is too high to reach using a ladder, invest in a scaffold or chandelier lift so you can access it easily.

Give It a Glass Cleaner Bath

For hard-to-reach chandeliers, taking the pieces off to clean individually might not be an option. In this case, you could turn to the messy but successful method of spraying the crystal parts down with an ammonia-free glass cleaner (put a tarp underneath to catch drips). Let them air dry and check back in about 30 minutes to see if the look of the fixture has improved.

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Use Isopropyl Alcohol

Another easy DIY way to clean your chandelier is by diluting isopropyl alcohol in distilled water (1:4 parts ratio) and spraying down the glittering fixture with it. You can let it air dry or wipe it down with a clean microfiber cloth.

Quick Tip

Make sure you always turn off the light (and the breaker if you want to be 100% safe) before manipulating or cleaning anything on your chandelier.

How Often Should You Clean Your Chandelier?

While you might be able to get away with only cleaning your chandelier quarterly, we recommend that you clean it on a bi-monthly basis. This rounds out to about six cleanings a year. If you regularly dust once a week, you might not think your chandelier needs a cleaning that often. But cleaning your decorative light fixture isn't just about the actual cleaning part.

When you clean it more often, you have the chance to correct loose pieces and change out dim lightbulbs. The cleaning schedule gives you a reason to closely monitor your chandelier's state. And, with how expensive some chandeliers are, you absolutely want to know as soon as possible if something needs to be replaced or mended.

These Quick Tips Make Chandelier Cleaning Even Easier

Other than having to stretch muscles you probably haven't used in a while, cleaning a chandelier isn't a difficult process. Yet, even with something as simple as that, there are still useful tips that'll make it even easier.

  • Use an umbrella to catch fallout. If you're not superstitious, then open up an umbrella and hang it from the base of the chandelier. This will catch any drippage or dust that falls off as you clean.
  • Wear cotton gloves to avoid fingerprints. If you're hand-cleaning the chandelier and want the most pristine finish, wear cotton gloves to keep your smudgy fingers tucked away.
  • Dip your vinegar-soaked rag in salt to clean tarnished brass. The salt will be a safe scrubbing alternative to work away aged buildup.
  • Dust more often to keep from having to deep clean. The less dust buildup there is, the easier it's going to be to clean.
  • Install a lowering system on high chandeliers. Ladders and scaffolding only work so well. Instead, make it so you can drop your chandelier at the touch of a button.

Make The Phantom of the Opera's Chandelier Jealous

A dusty, dirty chandelier can make your house feel a bit more Grey Gardens than Paris Opera. So, whether you've got a unique modern installation or a delicate antique chandelier, make sure you set up a consistent cleaning routine to keep it in tip-top condition.

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How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier So It Sparkles