How to Organize Tupperware (& Other Food Storage Containers)

Life's too short to spend all your time looking for lids that fit your food storage containers. It's time to organize your cabinet with our storage solutions.

Published April 4, 2024
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Let me tell you about my Tupperware and food storage container cupboard... or maybe not. Let's just say it was a mess. Containers with no lids, lids with no containers. It wasn't ideal. But lately, I've been going through a sorting an organizing phase (hello, spring cleaning), and I'm absolutely determined to get everything in order, which took me down a Tupperware organization rabbit hole. With it all fresh in my mind and a much tidier food storage container cupboard, I'm here to share everything I learned about how to organize Tupperware. 

Step 1: Sort All Your Tupperware

One of the issues I had in my food storage container cabinet was I never stuck to one type of container, so it never really went well together. So I have Tupperware, Gladware, glass containers, and more. I suspect I'm not alone in my unwillingness to commit to a type of food storage container (which is essential for organization and stacking), so your first step will be to empty out that cupboard or drawer and sort it all into piles by type and size. 

Step 2: Match Containers and Lids

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Where do all those lids go and all the extra lids come from? It is a mystery as old as time in my house. So before you proceed, discover the actual full sets you have (lid + container). Make sure the lid still seals on the container, and that the container is something you'd still be willing to put food in. Then, get rid of all those containers without lids, lids without containers, containers and lids that no longer seal tightly, and gross containers with mystery gunk in them that never comes out. Throw all these away... they're no good to you or anyone else, and they're definitely contributing to clutter.

Step 3: Only Keep the Sizes of Food Storage Containers You'll Need

So when I bought my last set of food storage containers at Costco, it seemed like a great idea at the time that it had six teeny, tiny sauce containers that held about two tablespoons each. In retrospect, it was not a good idea. I didn't need said sauce containers, ever. So, toss these or donate them if they're still in good shape (unless you use them, of course). There may just be, somewhere in the world, people who only want two take two tablespoons of food with them somewhere. Get rid of sizes you won't use. If you've had them for years and never used that size container, it's time to part with it. 

Step 4: If Possible, Settle on One Brand or Type

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There are so many different brands of food storage containers, and not a single one of them fits with any other, which makes stacking impossible. And since the key to an organized Tupperware cupboard is neatly stacked piles, it may be time to settle on one type of container in different sizes. So whether you love the retro look of the Tupperware Heritage Collection or you prefer the affordable (and stackable) ease of Glad food storage containers, grab a set that works and stacks together, building off what you already have in your collection.

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Step 5: Wash Everything

Before you put everything back in the cupboard, wash it so it's ready to go the next time you want to store some food.

Step 6: Stow Lids in a Lid Organizer

We love the convenience of the YouCopia StoraLid food container lid organizer or an adjustable, stackable metal food container lid storage rack. Both store all your lids upright in organized spaces instead of haphazardly flung into your cupboard (my former organizational system). You can see the lids at a glance and quickly pull out what you need, and there's a spot to return them to once the container is washed. No more lost lids? We love that for you!

Step 7: Stack Your Tupperware or Food Storage Containers by Size

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Next, stack your clean containers, nesting them neatly in other containers by size. If you have a full set of the same brand, chances are you can nest several different sizes within one stack for even neater piles — even those teeny tiny sauce containers. Boom! Organized food storage.

More Clever Ideas for Tupperware Organization & Storage

Sometimes the best solution is to start fresh. And these organization ideas for food storage containers can be super useful if that's where you are in your life. 

Try a Storage Carousel

If you're starting from scratch, we love a food storage and organization solution in one product, like the Smart Spin N Store 49-Piece Food Storage Set. It features a carousel, containers, and lids, and all you need to do is neatly tuck away the lids and containers on the carousel for an organized food storage cupboard right from the start. 

Use Food Stasher Bags Instead

Silicon food stasher bags are a great alternative to Tupperware or other bulky food storage containers. They store nearly flat, so you can easily tuck them in a drawer or bin, and they're dishwasher and microwave-safe, so they're super easy to use.

Grab Some Reusable Food Covers

Sure, they may look like shower caps, but these reusable food covers are super convenient, and they store away really easily. You can stretch them over plates, bowls, and dishes you already have, or use them in place of all those lids you've lost for food storage containers you couldn't bear to part with.

You Deserve Organized Tupperware & Food Storage

I'm so happy I finally got my food storage container cupboard under control. Before, it was a huge pain to dig through everything to find lids and containers that matched (if there were any that did). Now, I can open the cupboard and easily grab exactly what I need, so the effort was totally worth it. After all, life's too short to be constantly on the hunt for a lid to your Tupperware. 

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How to Organize Tupperware (& Other Food Storage Containers)