8 Best Bathroom Plants to Give Your Washroom a Spa Vibe

Turn your bathroom into an oasis with these plants that thrive in humidity.

Updated January 18, 2024
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The bathroom — a place to soak up the humidity and water. Not just for you but for your plant babies, too. These best plants for the bathroom thrive in those sauna-like conditions, much like your skin, hair, and soul. Maybe we are just complicated houseplants, after all. Either way, these are the best bathroom plants. Bonus: you don't feel shy around these plants in the bathroom, they're totally used to being au naturel

Boston Fern

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Boston ferns are the ideal bathroom plant. Anyone who has grown Boston ferns plops them in their designated area in the bathroom and allows them to soak up the steam as part of their maintenance and care. These plants thrive in high-humidity environments, so a bathroom is an ideal place for this lush, delicate-looking plant.

Water your plant once a week and fertilize only in the spring and summer once a month. Ferns shed, so you'll want to take them outside every few weeks to remove dead leaves. Ferns need a little exfoliation just like us! If you're looking for a buddy, a bird's nest fern makes an excellent bathroom plant companion for the Boston fern. 

Quick Tip

Boston ferns can sometimes be shy like you after a shower, so avoid putting these in a window in your bathroom that receives direct light. Ferns prefer shade, so if your bathroom is short on natural light, your Boston fern will love it!

Spider Plants and Pothos Plants

Spider plant Home Decoration Balcony Plants

The spider plant's variegated leaves arch up and over for a glorious waterfall addition to your bathroom. From these arching leaves, this thriving bathroom plant grows offshoots that look like spiders called spiderettes. The spider plant loves humidity as well as bright indirect sunlight. Give your spider plant a buddy with a pothos plant, another plant that thrives in bathrooms. Hang these for a swoon worthy vibe.

Woman holding potted houseplant plant photo in studio

When caring for your bathroom spider plant, water once to twice a week once the soil is dry. Then go ahead and snip those spiderettes to make for even more spider plants. 

Peace Lily

Simple Houseplant Care Tips to Keep Your Plants Healthy

The peace lily loves indirect sun, but lots and lots of it. For this bathroom plant, be sure you buy a household peace lily that grows no more than 16" to 18" high, since outside cultivars can grow to six feet or higher. The plant produces white lilies in early summer. Those glossy leaves are excellent air scrubbers, too. Keep your bathroom peace lily happy by keeping the soil moist, but not totally soaked.

Lady Palm

Taking care of my house plants

The lady palm is another tropical plant that thrives in warm, humid environments like your bathroom. Like other humidity-loving plants, this one absorbs the humidity in a bathroom through its leaves and filters the air. Luckily, the potted lady palm is a slow grower and takes years to reach height, so whatever size you buy, the plant will remain that size for around two or three years before growing to over six feet. 

Place the palm so it receives indirect light, either on a back counter or, if it's tall, on the floor. Palms are easy-care plants and only require a thorough watering once a week. Drench the plant to allow the root system to be saturated. You can set it in a sink of water and leave for 15 to 20 minutes, kind of like it's own personal bath time. 

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Property Interiors

A bathroom humidity-loving plant, the orchid isn't difficult to grow. Orchids soak up the humidity to get the nutrients they need. They prefer indirect light, so you can place an orchid on a bathroom counter, a tub wall shelf, or a windowsill that doesn't receive direct sunlight. The higher the humidity, the happier your orchid will be. Go ahead and treat your orchid to a spa day with some fertilizer every two to three weeks, and give this beauty water sparingly.

Snake Plant

Two Snake plants or Sansevieria in white ceramic flowerpots

The snake plant thrives just about everywhere other than directly underwater. Little muss, no fuss, the snake plant will thrive in the humidity of your bathroom, which is perfect if you're someone who doesn't ever really remember to water their plants. In fact, plopping the snake plant in the bathroom and allowing the moisture to be its source of water is perfect, since they are quite happy without being watered for long stretches of time. Some are good for weeks on end! 


Green monstera plant in the bathtub with shower

Bring a theoretical snack into the humid bathroom with the Swiss cheese monstera plant. Those big leaves with their holes casting whimsical shadows across your bathroom love humidity. But if your bathroom tends to be on the darker side or doesn't have a window, perhaps reconsider adding this to your home spa. 

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Green Oasis

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From bathrooms with little light to ones flooded with sunshine, there's a plant ready to call your bathroom home. From those easy-going Boston ferns and snake plants to the leafy and aesthetic Monstera, it's high time you turned your bathroom into a place of beauty and relaxation. 

8 Best Bathroom Plants to Give Your Washroom a Spa Vibe