14 Classic & Colorful July Flowers That Make Summer Bloom

Say hello to sunshine with these pretty July flowers that make summer bright and colorful.

Published June 17, 2024

From the official birth flowers of July (larkspur and water lily) to blooms that dazzle all month long, these July flowers withstand the heat of the dog days of summer. Check out all the July flowers to see which you want in your yard.



Larkspur is one of July's birth flowers. It's a seeded annual that will re-seed itself in your garden year after year. We love the cottage vibe of larkspur, which can grow up to three feet tall and has flowers in blue, purple, pink, white, and red. 

Water Lily


Another of July's birth flowers, water lily seems especially appropriate for July since water sign Cancer is mostly born in this month. And there's something truly special about the water lily with its pretty flowers floating in tranquil waters. If you have a pond, this is the July flower to cultivate.



There's nothing so lovely as the heady scent of roses on a warm July afternoon. We love their graceful blooms and all the amazing colors they come in. There's a rose for virtually every garden, so check out what's available at the local gardening center to brighten up your July flower garden. 



If your dream garden resembles a Van Gogh painting of sunflower fields in France, then these flowers should definitely make an appearance in your July garden. With so many different types of sunflowers to plant in your garden in brilliant shades of red, yellow, and orange, salute the sun all July with a dazzling display.



With so many colors to choose from and flower sizes that range from small and compact to the size of a dinner plate, dahlias are the quintessential summer flower. Symbolically, dahlias represent kindness and inner strength, which we think is the perfect floral message to send in the summer. They make great cutting flowers and will add a ton of pizzazz to your garden.



Want your July garden to look like a Victorian romance novel cover? Phlox is your July flower to turn to. It comes in blue, pink, purple, and white, and it's so cottagecore and pretty that phlox screams romance. Choose varieties that creep along the ground or some that grow up to three feet tall. Whatever you select, sweet-scented phlox will attract pollinators all summer long. 

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Bee Balm


Speaking of pollinators, bee balm calls them with the siren song of a minty scent (bee balm is a member of the mint family) and bright flowers that bloom in pink, purple, white, and red. These sun-loving perennials will thrive in the heat of July.



We love the Dr. Seuss-y nature of airy allium, with their big, fluffy round heads. Alliums can grow tall (up to six feet!), and they thrive in full sun. They're a fun addition to any July garden.



If you have a trellis or a fence for it to climb, clematis is the perfect July flower. These pretty vining flowers are related to buttercups, and they love full sun. They also come in purple, red, pink, yellow, and white. 

Gerbera Daisies


With sunny faces and bright pops of color, we love a July garden that features lots of these pretty summer bloomers. In fact, most daisies are July flowers, so don't just stop at gerberas if you love daisies as much as we do. Gerbera daisies love morning sun and afternoon shade, and they stand six to 12 inches tall. 



When I was a kid, we would take snapdragon heads and make them talk to each other like the fun little dragon faces they are. But their resemblance to dragons aside, snapdragons are great July flowers with their multiple blooms on tall stalks. You can find them in colors that look like washed watercolor paints or vividly saturated reds, yellows, oranges, pinks, and purples, and they're such pretty cutting flowers. They'll do well in full sun to partial shade. 



Petunias are the perfect flower if container gardening is on your July agenda. We love the dizzying array of colors you can find these trumpet-shaped flowers in, and these tender perennials are capable of coming back year after year in Zones 9-11 (elsewhere, they're annuals). 



With their flowers that range from yellow to burnt orange, marigolds are a great addition to July gardens and containers for their pest control properties and pretty pops of color. These annuals need full sun to thrive. 



Delight all the hummingbirds in your yard with these pretty tender perennials that thrive in full sun. We love the sheer variety of colors that these delicate clusters of blossoms take on, and so do pollinators. You'll need to replant them every year if you don't live in zones 8-11, but in warmer climates, they'll come back year after year. 

July Flowers for the Dog Days of Summer


There are so many great things about the month of July, from sunny days to the Fourth of July. But one of our faves is a garden bursting with colorful flowers that celebrate the sun that shines all month long. 

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14 Classic & Colorful July Flowers That Make Summer Bloom