Sugar Maple Tree Picture

Sugar Maple Tree Picture Gallery

If you've ever seen one in the fall, you are sure to want a Sugar Maple tree picture to enjoy its splendor over and over again.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures and learn a little about this popular tree as well. By the time you're done you'll be thinking of the right spot in your landscape for a Sugar Maple tree of your own!

Spring Leaves

When Sugar Maples sprout in the spring, the leaves may look much like any other. Don't be fooled! They are far from ordinary.

Green Maple

Sugar Maples (Acer saccharum) can get over 100 feet tall! They are commonly grown as landscape trees in zones 3 through 8, typically in the northeast United States and Southern Canada.

Maple Leaves

Sugar Maple leaves are similar to the leaves of the Red Maple. The differences are that the Sugar Maple has smooth margins between the lobes and U-shaped spaces. Red Maples have serrated margins and V-shaped spaces.

Brilliant Display

When fall arrives, you will see what makes a Sugar Maple tree picture so spectacular. These trees are known for their brilliant colors that make the woods look like they are on fire.


Sugar Maples change to orange, yellow and red, creating a breathtaking display every fall.

A Useful Tree

Besides their beauty, Sugar Maples are valued as hardwood timber trees. They can be used for furniture and flooring.

Maple Sap Harvest

As the name implies, these trees also provide a sweet treat--maple syrup. Trees are tapped during mid to late winter so the sap can be collected.

Sap Bucket

Sticky sap runs into buckets through a spout. Later, the sap is boiled down and bottled. One taste and you'll be spoiled for the maple flavored syrup so common today. Nothing beats the real thing!

An Extraordinary Tree

As you can see, there is nothing ordinary about the Sugar Maple. If you enjoyed these Sugar Maple tree pictures, you may also like to see some tree identification pictures or learn which berries grow on trees.

Sugar Maple Tree Picture