5 Easy Fall Crafts for Seniors for a Cozy Autumn Afternoon

From making a bookmark with fall leaves to creating a warm wool blanket, these are some bright and useful crafts you'll love.

Published September 5, 2023
Active Seniors in an Elderly Daycare Center

Fall is such a great time for crafting, whether you're spending a chilly afternoon with grandkids or celebrating the changing seasons with a group. These easy fall crafts for seniors are perfect for a variety of skill levels, and they're super fun too.

Cozy No-Sew Wool Blanket

As autumn comes, the days and nights get colder. You can banish the chill with this easy fall craft, and it makes a great gift too. All you need is a piece of pretty wool fabric in the size you want the blanket to be and a pair of scissors.

Sofa with soft pillows and warm plaids
  1. Cut the blanket edges to make sure they're straight (sometimes the cuts from the fabric store are crooked).
  2. Use the scissors to make lots of small snips in the edge of the blanket, each about 1/4 inch. These will help you make the fringe.
  3. Start pulling threads out of the edges of the blanket where you made the snips. Make more snips if you need to. Keep going until you have a short fringe all the way around the blanket.
Quick Tip

If you like sewing, you can add appliqués to the blanket or sew two layers together to make it thicker.

Autumn Art Journal

An art journal is a wonderful fall craft for seniors because it's easy to customize for any skill level and preference. You can make it more complicated or keep it simple, depending on what you feel like doing.

You'll need a blank journal or notebook and some autumn-themed fabric, lace, scrapbook paper, ribbons, fall leaves, and other embellishments. You'll also need a decoupage medium like Mod Podge.

Handmade Autumn Junk Journal, Fall Junk Journal
  1. Use a sponge brush to apply Mod Podge to the front cover of the journal.
  2. Add scraps of fabric and paper to cover the journal. Layer them like you would a collage (no rules here).
  3. Using more Mod Podge, add ribbons, lace, and other decorations.
  4. Let the front dry, and then do the back. If you want, add some decorations on the pages too.
  5. When the journal is done, you can use it to record your thoughts or give it as a gift.
Quick Tip

Make your autumn art journal even more personal with printed photos or pictures, as well as painted decorations. You can get as fancy as you feel like.

Fall Mason Jar Display

Painting Mason jars is an easy craft that can be fun for any age. You can paint four of them and add burlap bands around them to announce the fall season. You'll need four clean Mason jars, some chalk paint in pretty fall colors, burlap fabric, and scissors.

Fall mason jar flower display
  1. Pour an ounce or two of paint into a clean, dry Mason jar. Swirl it around to coat the entire inside of the jar and pour off the excess. Let the jar dry.
  2. Repeat this process with the three remaining jars, using different autumn paint shades if you feel like it.
  3. Cut the burlap into strips. If you like, stencil the letters "F," "A," "L," and "L" on the strips and let it dry. Tie the strips around the jars.
  4. Arrange some dried fall flowers or foliage in the jars for a pretty decoration or gift. 
Quick Tip

For people who have challenges with dexterity, swap out the glass Mason jars for plastic and pre-print the burlap strips ahead of time.

Autumn Painted Rocks

In late fall, the leaves drop, and the world loses a bit of color. This can be a tough time for older adults (and anyone else), but a colorful November craft for seniors can be just the answer.

You can use these painted rocks brighten your drab garden, add color to your windowsill, or bring a little joy to your desk. There are no rules here. You just need rocks, acrylic craft paint, and some brushes.

Fall Craft Kit for Adults & Kids, Rock Painting Fall Craft
  1. Start by making sure the rocks are clean and dry. It's worth giving them a scrub with an old toothbrush.
  2. Paint the rocks in layers, adding the main color first. Let this dry and then add more decorations. Fall leaves, trees, pumpkins, and other autumn themes can be amazing.
  3. Let the rocks dry. Enjoy!

Pressed Leaves Bookmark

Everyone loves a bookmark, and this is a wonderful way to preserve those beautiful fall leaves long after autumn has passed. You'll need some small leaves you've collected, white card stock, Mod Podge, and string or ribbon for a tassel.

  1. Select several pretty leaves and press them between sheets of paper in a large book.
  2. Cut a piece of card stock into a bookmark shape (it can be any size you like).
  3. Arrange the flattened leaves on the bookmark in a pattern you like.
  4. Glue the leaves to the bookmark with Mod Podge. Once the first coat has dried, use two or three more coats to make it durable.
  5. If you like, punch a hole in the bookmark when it's dry and add a tassel out of colored string or ribbon.

Tips for Choosing Easy Fall Crafts for Seniors

Keep in mind when choosing fall crafts for seniors that every senior is different. Some people have been crafting all their lives and have tons of experience in all different mediums. Others have done a lot of one kind of crafting but might not be experienced in all areas. And some people are struggling with dexterity issues that can make the crafts they've always done way more challenging than before.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing a craft, whether you're picking a project for yourself or for a group of seniors:

  • Pick something people actually want to make. A craft that's useful or pretty will be way more fun than one that just feels like busy work.
  • Know that some people might need help with a few parts of the project and try to anticipate where that might be. If you know someone is struggling with motor control, for instance, do the cutting part of a project ahead of time.
  • Choose a project that can be done in one sitting, not something that will take lots of sessions of picking it up and putting it down. It's way more rewarding to come away from a crafting session with a finished item.

Focus on Having Fun

No matter what fall craft project for seniors you choose, it's all about focusing on having fun and enjoying the experience. Crafting can be a wonderful way to enjoy the changing season and create something amazing at the same time.

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