Outdoor Games for Seniors

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There are many outdoor activities and games for seniors and activities that foster socializing, physical activity, and fun. These include both sports and casual yard games that can be played during parties or family events.

Outdoor Games for Seniors

Seniors who engage in exercise and spend time in the fresh air will feel better both in mind and body. Playing games is also a great way to socialize and engage in a new hobby. This type of activity could potentially improve memory and help with things like senior depression. While some outdoor games for seniors are more strenuous than others, there are games for most abilities. The benefits are many, but first it is necessary to decide what games to play and succeed at getting active seniors involved.

Yard Games

Simple games that can be played on the lawn are fun and active. These incorporate both friendly competition and conversation.

  • Bocce: This easy-to-play game can be enjoyed between two or more players or teams. Balls are tossed and points scored with the goal being to be the one to get closest to the bocce ball.
  • Horseshoes: Similar to bocce in using hand and eye coordination and teams or individual players, horseshoes is a classic outdoor game you can play anywhere.
  • Croquet: This backyard game is fairly simple and can involve a lot of players. The premise is to use mallets to hit balls through a series of wickets.
  • Badminton: This is a two or more player game similar to tennis. It involves using a net, lightweight rackets, and passing back and forth an object called a shuttlecock.

Party Games

For summer picnics or birthday parties, there are silly outdoor party games that seniors often enjoyed playing. These can also get children and the whole family involved and be a great way to create memories. Ideas for party games include:

  • Water balloon toss: A good idea for a hot day, seniors can sit in chairs and pass a water balloon around or stand up and toss balloons.
  • Pin the tail on the donkey: This is an old favorite that can easily be played at birthday parties and evoke memories.
  • Bean bag or Ring Toss: This party game can be played with prizes involved that are either coveted prizes or jokes.
  • Parachute games: This game is fun to play with both seniors and children involved. Everyone takes hold of a parachute and participates by doing things such as passing balls around on top and not letting them fall off the edge.

Sports Games

Many seniors also love to play sports and find that these games can be enjoyed throughout a lifetime. It is never too late to try something new, and it's even better when you are sharing the experience with another person. Sports such as golf, tennis, and even Frisbee golf are perfect for active seniors.

More Tips Senior Outdoor Activities and Games

When planning games, consider the following.

  • Games for four seasons: There are games to play when the weather gets cold, but you have to be creative. Taking group walks and scavenger hunts can be a simple way to keep staying active in the fall and winter. Try things such as going to a natural preserve and taking photos or collecting objects.
  • Get others involved: Consider starting a club where you play games regularly with other seniors. Games could be played monthly or weekly on a specific day.
  • Have fun: Be flexible in games and make sure that everyone who wants to play gets a chance. Most importantly, have fun and don't take casual games too seriously.

Join in the Fun

Regardless of the games you choose and how competitively you play them, outdoor games are lots of fun and can be very beneficial for everyone joining in the fun.

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Outdoor Games for Seniors