Over 50 Sexy Cruises

Oceangoing romance
Get ready for romance on the high seas.

If you're single or married, and looking for over 50 sexy cruises, you're in luck. This type of specialized sailing is offered by almost every major cruise line, even though it may not be billed as an over 50 cruise.

What to Expect

On typical over 50 sexy cruises, you'll find more than just luxurious accommodations and an exciting itinerary. In addition to traditional cruise features, such as dining, entertainment, beautiful scenery, gambling, excursions and on-board activities, you'll find other people to socialize with who are in your age group.

About Over 50 Travelers

According to data collected by PR Log.org, the over 50 age group represents 35 percent of all people who travel abroad. One reason is because this age group is among the most affluent. Yet another explanation is that the over 50 crowd has more available time, since many are retired. Research also shows that 70 percent of people over 50 believe they are "more adventurous" now than they were ten years prior. As much as one-third of this over 50 group, who travels frequently, says they have visited more than 20 countries. Consequently, during your over 50 sexy cruise, you will be in the company of a large adventurous group of cultured individuals, who have traveled extensively. Being in the company of like-minded individuals is a great way to make new friends and learn new things.

Adult Only Cruises

Adults only cruise ships are very rare. However, there are a few European ships which require passengers to be over 16, and a few which specify no small children. By and large, cruise ships welcome people of all ages. To sail on an adults-only cruise, you will need to be clever and go where families with young children don't go. Families do not favor luxury cruise ships. Rather, they tend to travel on kid-friendly cruise lines, such as Disney and Carnival. In addition, families with children tend to sail to kid-friendly destinations. Also, theme cruises showcasing Bluegrass music, Gospel Singing Cruise or Golden Oldies will not attract many young people, but it will attract a lot of cruisers over 50.

Booking Over 50 Sexy Cruises

Don't neglect the major cruise line websites, such as Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean. They should be among the first places to check for specialized cruises and accompanying discounts. Often, senior citizens can get discounts not available to other groups. Look for themed cruises that cater to an over 50 crowd.

You may also have a favorite travel agent that you choose to book through. If so, your agent will be able to point you to the best over 50 cruise for you, with your preferred destination, budget and itineraries in mind. Your agent will also know special tips about each cruise line to help you get the most adult-oriented cruise possible.

Singles Cruises

Singles cruises are also a good choice for cruisers over 50. First popularized by Princess Cruise lines (which continues to specialize in this area), the Singles party cruise features dancing, sumptuous meals, Vegas-style entertainment, and singles mixers. A singles cruise might be just the theme to provide you with an adults-only vacation.

Special Discounts for Seniors

Several companies that specialize in cruise packages offer discounts for the over 50 crowd, including:

  • Cruises.com: Enjoy a variety of travel discounts available through this company.
  • AARP: The American Association of Retired Persons offers special travel deals for senior citizens.
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Over 50 Sexy Cruises