11 Best Leo Career Options

Published May 20, 2020
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The top 11 career choices for Leo are ones that offer exceptional leadership opportunities and often lead to fame. Your magnetic charisma attracts attention that can open doors that are closed to others. Consider your other job-related zodiac personality traits, too, such as self-confidence, organization and business acumen, passion, creativity, and larger-than-life persona.

1. Acting Career for Leos

Leo is a natural-born actor. You love being in the spotlight, and drama is your second name. You understand the human psyche and how to manipulate emotional responses. You will excel as an actor and enjoy portraying other people's lives.

2. Branding Consultant

Your Leo talent for analyzing data and finding solutions serves you well as a branding consultant. You have an excellent business acumen and understand the importance of a company's brand. You have great ideas for assisting companies to put on the perfect face for its business geared to what the public wants and will appreciate. You know how to shine a light on the areas that need to be brought out of the dark corners and spruced up or revised for consumer consumption.

Branding Consultant giving presentation

3. Business Coach

You are in your element when it comes to coaching business entrepreneurs and various companies to develop their product image and grow their revenue. Leo has a keen understanding of how a business should be organized and can immediately evaluate shortcomings. You derive great satisfaction from helping a struggling new company or a company that has reached a plateau. You have creative ideas and know how to infuse new energy into an idea so it manifests as a profitable endeavor.

4. College Professor

Leo is a natural teacher. You enjoy sharing your expertise, but more importantly, you know how to appeal to your students' imaginations. You know how to spark creative and logical thinking so these attributes can work together. Most importantly, your passion and zest for knowledge serves as an inspiration to those you teach. Leo will find college students the most challenging and most rewarding to teach.

Professor talking to students in college classroom

5. Event Manager

An event manager is a multi-tasker who know how to keep several plates spinning at the same time. Leo has exceptional managerial skills and knows how to delegate responsibilities, making you an excellent team leader. You don't believe in micro-managing and inspire your event planning team to reach beyond the normal and come up with exceptional event ideas. You have quite a few of your own. Leo is an organizer and has a practical approach to each new job that makes the next project easier than the last.

6. Executive Chef

Part of Leo's charm is your genuine care for other and nurturing tendencies. This makes you an ideal executive chef. Chefs desire to nurture and feed others with their great dishes. You have the intellect and creativity to inspire your staff and to create amazing recipes that put your restaurant on the map. You can then build your personal dynasty with the finesse of an amazing entrepreneur.

Female chef in commercial kitchen

7. Fashion Designer

Leo has style. This is true from the day you were born. You understand clothing and how it can make a person look amazing. You also know how the wrong design can have the opposite effect. You're driven to share your talent with others when you opt for a fashion career. You have lots of new ideas and can be very avant-garde and a true style/trend setter once you unleash your creative energies.

Designer in studio measuring pant width

8. Inventor

Leo is an original thinker and you are constantly looking at current methods wondering how you could improve them. You have a natural mechanical ability and good math skills. These along with your creative energy make you an excellent inventor. Your logical processes provide you a methodology for inventing all types of products to make life easier. You have the confidence of the lion that carries you fearlessly into new arenas despite any opposition you face.

9. Personal Trainer

Leo is very self-conscious, especially about how you look physically. Most Leos are blessed with outstanding above average good looks. If you're a health-nut like many Leos, you may find physical fitness is your forte. You can specialize in various kinds of physical fitness routines and excel as a personal trainer. Your regal take-no-prisoners persona will inspire clients to become the best they can be with your expertise training.

Woman with personal trainer in a gym

10. Sales Manager

Leo is a smooth talker and makes a great sales manager. You have a very direct and honest approach to your sales approach. You know how to appeal to the deep desires of potential clients. You can charm clients into desiring your product so much they feel they can't live without. This sales ability can easily transfer into a managerial position where you train your sales team. You are eager to share your successful techniques with your team and are a natural coach for their personal and business successes.

11. Social Media Manager

Leo has a magnanimous personality and understands the power of social media. Imbued with exceptional social skills, you know how to use these skills to power up social media to reach and inspire subscribers. You have the analytical ability to assess trends and predict marketing arenas, getting in on the wave before it crests. You can conceive outstanding strategies and know how to anticipate potential pitfalls. As a manager, you understand the working dynamics of a team and make an excellent leader.

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11 of the Best Career Options for Leo

Leo possesses excellent people skills and has an amazing personal charm that endears you to others. When you combine this with your analytical and managerial skills, you can write your own ticket to any career.

11 Best Leo Career Options