Aquarius Air Element in Astrology

Published February 17, 2020
Aquarius Horoscope Sign

The air element affects Aquarius in very specific ways. Aquarius is one of the three air signs that includes Gemini and Libra. Each is affected by the influences of the air element.

How the Air Element Affects an Aquarius Personality

The air element for Aquarius has added dimensions to the personality since the symbol for this zodiac sign is the water bearer. Since water represents emotions, this air sign faces unique challenges its fellow air sign don't. There is a need to integrate the mental and emotional natures within Aquarius.

Walking to the Beat of a Different Drum

Aquarius follows a different drum beat and doesn't conform any better than the other air signs. Aquarius is a very independent thinker and liberated person. While the air element elevates mental acuity to rise above the orthodox. However, Aquarius appears to be a happy medium between Gemini and Libra and is usually a contradicting blend of the Avant Garde and traditional.

Social Skills and Team Effort

While all three air signs have great social skills, Aquarius takes these to the next level with a deep understanding of team effort and social decorum. The air element imbues the ability to don different points of view, making Aquarius very open to new ideas and trying different things.

Quirky and Unique

Like the other air signs, Aquarius is unique and often quirky. The air signs breeze along untethered to the things that tie down other zodiac signs like those ruled by earth elements or water elements.

Romance and Compatibility for Air Element Aquarius

When it comes to love and romance, Aquarius is compatible with air signs Gemini and Libra. However, an Aquarius/Aquarius relationship most likely wouldn't work. However, in some instances, two Aquarius signs may find they make a good combination.

Compatibility With Earth Element Zodiac Signs

Air element zodiac signs aren't very compatible with earth element governed signs, such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The air stirs up dust when the two elements make contact, making earth unsettled. Earth element sign view Aquarius's air signs as unrealistic and even fanciful since they don't follow convention and aren't grounded like earth signs.

Compatibility With Water Elements Zodiac Signs

The air element has a similar effect on water element signs as it does with earth signs. The air creates turbulence in the water when it contacts the surface. Air drives water in specific directions that may not be the charted course a water sign envisioned.

Compatibility With Fire Elements Zodiac Signs

When it comes to fire, air breathes life into this element without air, fire would die. The fire signs Leo, Aries and Sagittarius make good companions for Aquarius.

Health Issues for Air Element Ruled Aquarius

Aquarius may suffer from high blood pressure and other heart-related health issues. Sudden illnesses and recurring allergies are common health issues for Aquarius. A prominent health issue for Aquarius is their ankles. Swollen ankles and injuries are common complaints.

Air Element and Areas of Interest

Aquarius has an eclectic taste and often contradictory areas of interests. For example, Aquarius may study traditional religions while also delving into new age spiritual topics. This air element sign sees the correlation between the past, present and future with the clarity of an old soul.

Challenges Aquarius Air Elements Face

The biggest challenge for Aquarius is being outside what is considered normal society. Aquarius often needs to conform for career and other demands. Once Aquarius learns how to maneuver through the currents of convention and still maintain truth to self, she/he can full acclimate to both the real world and the fantastical world of air signs.

Overcoming Lack of Grounding

To face these challenges, the Aquarius air element sign needs to find something to help her/him find grounding. This can be something as simple as meditation or a mental exercise to keep Aquarius focused on the present.

Getting in Touch With Emotional Self

Air element signs aren't very emotional and live in their heads instead of their hearts. Spending a few moments each day getting in touch with their their feelings instead of referring to logical contemplation can give Aquarius a tiny bit of grounding. However, the truth is, being tied down to convention and mundane life is never going to happen to an air sign. Aquarius is a free soul that rides the winds wherever they blow.

How Air Element in Astrology Influences Aquarius

The air element influence over the zodiac sign Aquarius can present opportunities and challenges for this zodiac sign. Understanding the relationship between the element ruling the sun sign can help Aquarius overcome challenges specific to this element.

Aquarius Air Element in Astrology