Aries Colors and and Palettes to Help You Flourish

Published January 31, 2020
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Aries colors and the various color palette related to this zodiac sign can help you flourish. You can use these colors to infuse positive energies into your relationships, career and life in general.

How Aries Colors and Palettes Can Help You Flourish

Color has a powerful psychological impact on humans. Color can influence your emotions and mental attitude. These attributes can inspire Aries to focus on colors designated as power color, lucky color and personal color and wield them as psychological tools for personal advancement.

Aries Power Color

The main color assigned to Aries is the sign's power color - red. It isn't surprising that red is Aries power color since the sign's ruling planet is the Red Planet, Mars.

Fiery Red

Red is the color of life-giving blood. It's also the color of passion and fire. This power color defines Aries' nature that can be volatile, passionate, full of energy, and very active.

Aries Color Palettes

There are two main color palettes for Aries. The first is taken from the colors associated with Aries ruling planet, Mars. The second is taken from the fire element that makes Aries a zodiac fire sign.

Mars Color Palette

The abundance of iron minerals on Mars and the natural rust process from soil oxidization creates a wide range of red colors. These create a palette of red hues that range from deep mustard, orange, pink, mauve, red to dark red.

Red Paper Color Swatch

Fire Color Palette

Another color palette to consider for Aries is one of the colors of fire, or more aptly, the colors of fire flames. These can range from red, orange, yellow, blue and violet. Since these are the colors resulting from red hot fire, you can use to the exploit certain energy attributes.

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Aries Lucky Colors

It's believed that the energies of Aries lucky colors can bestow health, success and prosperity. The colors most often said to be lucky for Aries is first and foremost the power color, red.

  • Some Aries signs find blue to be a lucky color since it is one of the colors of flames.
  • Pink is a much softer and gentler color variant of red is lucky for some Aries signs.
  • Violet is another flame color that is often a lucky color for Aries.

Find Your Personal Aries Color

Discovering your personal color as an Aries sign can be empowering. You can quickly discover which color of the two Aries palettes best fits your persona, spiritual and emotional natures.

  1. Take color samples of each color found in the two Aries color palettes.
  2. View the colors individually by placing individual color chips on a table.
  3. Set the first color onto the table and look at it.
  4. Make notes about how you feel looking at the color.

Assessing Your Color Reactions

Once you've completed the process of viewing each color, you should have a very clear idea which color(s) you like best. This is your personal color that you can use in clothing, jewelry, accessories, home décor, office décor, and even your choice of vehicle color. You can use your personal color to energize your positive emotions and your mental attitude.

How to Use Your Power Color in Apparel

There are several ways you can use and build on for your red power color. Decide how much of your power color you wish to use in your clothing. Consider the occasion and the appropriate way to use the color in apparel and accessories to convey the powerful energy of the color red.

  • A red blouse with a black business suit or a red tie with a business suit
  • Red accessories, such as a red purse and matching shoes, red jewelry pieces
  • A red enamel tie tack or cufflinks with red ruby inserts

Aries Power Color in Décors

Another way you can incorporate your power color is within your home and office décors. This color can become a powerful symbol and elicit a strong reaction in those who visit your home or office. The powerful messaging through color can bolster your career ambitions and energize your living quarters.

  • Use red accent pieces in your home or office décor.
  • Red fabrics in home décor furniture and furnishings can be combined with power colors of compatible zodiac signs, such as the Gemini color yellow.
  • You can incorporate the powerful red color in artwork, draperies and other furnishings.
Red living room

Aries Lucky Colors for Apparel

You can use the lucky colors of blue, violet and pink in various pieces of clothing. Choose to wear a scarf, coat, jacket, jewelry, or other fashion item to imbue your desires, undertakings and activities that will benefit from good luck energy.

  • Choose to wear a lucky color when applying for a loan.
  • You can wear a lucky color when playing in a game of chance or buying a lottery ticket.
  • Anytime you need extra luck either for a job promotion or other special occasion, choose one of the lucky colors to wear.
woman wearing blue coat and scarf

Lucky Colors for Décors

Lucky colors can be used in home and office décors. You can add one or more of your lucky colors to an existing décor palette by adding things, such as decorative pillows, accent pieces and artwork. You can also plan an entire décor palette using one or more of your lucky colors.

Using Aries Favorite Colors

Aries can choose favorite colors to use in various ways, such as wardrobe, décor, and various other uses. A favorite color can be used the same ways as power colors and favorite colors as a way to reinforce positive emotions and attitudes.

How to Use Aries Colors and Palettes to Help You Flourish

There are many colors Aries can use to bolster efforts in all areas of life. Anytime you feel you need a boost of power or luck, you can choose one of the colors assigned to Aries.

Aries Colors and and Palettes to Help You Flourish