Characteristics of a Scorpio Mother

Mom with son

A Scorpio mother's sense of well-being comes from having a close emotional bond with her children. She's a mother who is protective, immensely loving, and sensitive to her children's needs. A Scorpio mother will forever be an imposing presence and force in her children's lives.

The Mother Bear of the Zodiac

Like a mother bear protects and defends her cubs, a Scorpio woman protects and defends her children just as furiously against all harm. She's not a meek mother. Threaten her children, and you're in for a world of hurt. However, Scorpio is the sign of extremes and taken too far, the mother bear in her can become the overbearing beloved smotherer who tries too hard to control everything in her children's lives.

As a mother she:

  • Is devoted
  • Is strict
  • Is demanding, loyal, and committed
  • Is the definition of tough love
  • Has high expectations of her kids
  • Micromanages her children to keep them busy and out of trouble
  • Is protective but tends to exaggerate dangers
  • Always expects her children to be truthful
  • Is vigilant and not entirely trusting

Blessing of a Scorpio Mother

A Scorpio mom knows her children inside out and has remarkable built-in sensors that automatically detect when they're troubled. She's the emotional center of the family, devoted to her children, willing to make any personal sacrifice for them, and she won't ever shy away from scolding them or discussing important or delicate issues with them.

At her best, she:

  • Gives her kids a sense of security
  • Shows them how to control their impulses and remain calm under pressure
  • Teaches them to be brave and determined
  • Teaches them how to manage their anger and frustration
  • Teaches them there's much more to life than meets the eye
  • Encourages them to set goals and work steadfastly towards them

Children learn by example and if a Scorpio mother sets a good example in all of this, she'll empower her kids and set the stage for them to be successful in their adult lives.

The Smothering Mother

The Scorpio mother wants to protect her children from all harm, but it's also easy for her to take that a bit too far and become a smothering mother.

She must learn to:

  • Not scare her children and make them believe the world outside her arms is a frightening place
  • Not be so suspicious and distrustful
  • Not be so possessive of her kids that she becomes jealous if they show affection for someone else
  • Back off and let her kids fight their own fights

Perhaps her greatest challenge as a parent is to learn to relax and put any unnecessary worries aside so she won't suffocate her kids or stunt their growth as individuals.

Cutting the Apron Strings

There's no mother with greater fear of cutting the apron strings than a Scorpio mom. So, it's not likely to be an easy or quick cut. The teenage years are bound to be the most challenging and important for both a Scorpio mother and her child.

It's easy for a Scorpio mother to micromanage a child when they're young. However, no matter how much it may hurt or frighten a Scorpio mom to let go, there comes a time when she must allow her child to grow independent of her. That usually begins in earnest when her child reaches the rebellious teen years.

The Scorpio Mother and Her Teenager

The teen years are when a Scorpio mom should bring micromanaging her child's life to a close and start monitoring and directing it instead.

At her best she'll:

  • Mom with teenager
    Be involved but be caring rather than controlling
  • Talk to the teen daily about what they're up to and stop imagining the worst
  • Tell them her thoughts and feelings and listen to theirs
  • Test their readiness by gradually increasing their freedoms and then monitor their trustworthiness
  • Trust her instincts but be willing to negotiate, adjust expectations, and loosen boundaries

The Teenage Child of a Scorpio Mother

If you're the teenage child of a Scorpio mom, you should always remember your freedoms must be earned, trust translates into more freedom, and your mom is all about trust.

You'll be happier if you:

  • Consider her your guardian angel, your friend, and trust her to be your wise counselor
  • Understand protection trumps privacy and expect your Scorpio mom to be watchful and vigilant
  • Prove yourself trustworthy
  • Are always be truthful
  • Admit your mistakes
  • Keep in mind your Scorpio mom is very insightful and always assume she knows what you're up to
  • Never get involved in a standoff or power struggle with her. You can't win, so learn to negotiate.

The Adult Child of a Scorpio Mother

Family together

Perhaps the most difficult time for a Scorpio mother and her child are those teenage years. However, if she's been successful at gradually cutting the apron strings, once her child launches into adulthood, she has no problem letting go and just being a friend and wise counselor with whom her adult child can share their most secret thoughts and challenges. No matter how far away adult life takes the child from their Scorpio mother, they will always have a powerful emotional bond with her and feel her commanding and protective presence.

Mother Child Compatibility

A Scorpio mother knows what she expects of her children and will do whatever it takes to get it. From an astrological point of view, how a Scorpio mother should bond with her children depends on the child's Sun sign. Unlike compatibility between peers or couples, it's up to the Scorpio mother to flex and adjust to the child's style. In this way, she can mitigate any difficulties her mama bear style of mothering might cause. The trick is to synthesize her mothering style with the unique needs of her child. Her success in doing this will empower her children to become a strong, self-confident, and independent adults.

Characteristics of a Scorpio Mother