Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for Scorpio Moms

Published July 24, 2018
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A Scorpio mom is an all-knowing and protective mom who's loving and sensitive to her children's needs. How well a child can deal with her a Scorpio mom's style of mothering and how mom might have to flex and adapt her style to what her children need to facilitate their developing sense of self can partially be seen in how compatible a mother's sun sign is with her child's.

Scorpio Moms

A Scorpio mom is a no-nonsense mother who doesn't take motherhood lightly and expects a lot from her children. The characteristics of a Scorpio mom make her a possessive and protective mother who fears for the welfare of her children and wants to be involved in every aspect of their lives. Her most significant challenge as a mom is her penchant for going to extremes and becoming overly involved, controlling, and protective.

Aries Children

An Aries child is an energetic, independent, impulsive, reckless child with a quick temper who wants to do what he wants to do and is quick to speak up and stand up for what he wants. The natural traits of an Aries child are likely to drive his Scorpio mother mad. Yes, there will be struggles and fights between an Aries child and his controlling and protective Scorpio mom. However, Mom will always win. She's more tenacious, and he has a shorter short attention span and soon will be on to something else. A Scorpio mom should try her best to realize a few skins, scrapes, and bumps are not a matter of life or death and understand an Aries child requires a certain amount of freedom.

Taurus Children

A Scorpio mother and her Taurus child complement one another. A Taurus child needs a calm, consistent, emotionally loving, hands-on mom who creates a comfortable home and is always there for her children. A Scorpio mom has that covered. Of course, both are stubborn, and there will be good days and bad days, but a Taurus child has an innate respect for authority and is no match for her Scorpio mom. Stability, a structured environment, and knowing what to expect are essential to a Taurus child, and she will thrive in the care of a Scorpio mom.

Taurus Children

Gemini Children

A Gemini child is a cheerful child with a lively mind who's full of mischief and can be messy and mouthy. He's a child who needs independence and mental stimulation and is bored and unhappy without new friends, new experiences, and constant change. A Scorpio mom and a Gemini child couldn't be more different. A Scorpio mom can be a helicopter mom, and that can suffocate her Gemini child. Both mother and child will be happier if she gives him some breathing room while observing from a distance, and being open, accepting, and accessible to him.

Cancer Children

Like her Scorpio mom, a Cancer child is emotional and intuitive. A Scorpio mom understands a Cancer child's sensitive, feeling nature, and loves that she's so dependent on her. Mom will have no difficulty giving her the love, support, and reassurance a Cancer child needs. She's a slow, steady, and cautious mom, who's not quick to cut the apron strings, which is just what a Cancer child needs to feel secure. But mom must take care not to be so overly cautious and protective that she makes her often fearful Cancer child feel the world is a scary place.

Leo Children

A Scorpio mom is a "mother knows best' mom, while a Leo child is a "you're not the boss of me" child. So, while they will genuinely love each other, they're both stubborn and want control in every situation, and this can lead to some rather unpleasant quarrels. Of course, all the standoffs can be avoided if mom will trust her child enough to give him some personal authority instead of always trying to keep him under control. A Scorpio mom will have an easier time with her warm and loving Leo child if she respects his pride and allows him to decide some things on his own.

Virgo Children

A Scorpio mom is a no-nonsense mom; a Virgo child is a no-nonsense child. A Scorpio mom leaves nothing to chance; a Virgo child is practical, orderly, and efficient. She's a flexible and understanding child who will attempt to do whatever mom asks. However, she's also an anxious and nervous kid and can easily be intimidated and frightened by her strong Scorpio mom. Mom should always remember her Virgo child worries and tries to be perfect. A Scorpio mom should not micromanage her and always treat her with kindness and respect.

Libra Children

A Libra child is a sweet, affectionate, good-natured child who loves to laugh and will smile and talk to everyone. His Scorpio mom is not comfortable with strangers or quick to warm up to anyone. However, due to her Libra child's active, open, and friendly nature, a Scorpio mom's suspicious and protective nature is likely to go into overdrive. Though mom should be protective, it's best if she remains observant and keeps her feelers out, but moderates her suspicious, protective nature a bit. It's important she respects her Libra child's friendly social nature and gives him some freedom to move around, connect with other children, and make new friends.

Scorpio Children

A Scorpio child is just as demanding, stubborn, and emotionally passionate as her Scorpio mom and while mom can and will provide everything she needs when she's an infant and toddler, there will be plenty of ups and downs as she gets older. Just like mom, she wants to control her own life and pursue her interests. If mom is too insistent she knows best, her Scorpio child will probably rebel. Of course, mom has what's needed to cope with a rebellious Scorpio child, but the best thing she can do for her Scorpio child is to allow her to learn and grow without undue interference.

Scorpio Children

Sagittarius Children

A Sagittarius child is bright-eyed, spirited, talkative child who's open, up front, honest, and a born adventurer. He doesn't need the close intimate emotional connection a Scorpio mom is noted for, nor does he need her hovering over him. What he needs is space, flexibility, and freedom. A Scorpio mom will have to go against her nature and be more hands-on with her Sagittarian child. On the plus side, he's a blatantly honest kid who'll seldom keep anything from her. Mom might not even have to ask before he blurts out everything he's been up to and recounts the good, the bad, and the ugly of all his adventures.

Capricorn Children

A Capricorn child is a responsible child who is just as controlling, tenacious, and intense as his Scorpio mom, but her motives are different, and she's not nearly as emotional or as stubborn as her Scorpio mom. Unlike her "do or die" mom, a Capricorn child is willing to change course should she decide she's not going to be successful. A Scorpio mom needs to let her Capricorn child develop in the way that's natural for her, which means accepting and respecting both her natural ambition and her need for emotional privacy. She can also be a positive influence by encouraging her Capricorn child to express her feelings.

Aquarius Children

An Aquarius child isn't emotionally expressive. Therefore, the first thing a Scorpio mom needs to remember is that her Aquarius child loves and needs her in his own impersonal way. Though mom's likely to find her Aquarius child's unique mind intriguing and his unorthodox behavior fascinating, giving him the go-ahead to explore every idea that enters his head will be difficult for her. An Aquarian child, like his mom, has a stubborn streak and the more she tries to tell him what and what not to do, the more he'll push back against her authority. It's best if a Scorpio mom takes a less demanding and more relaxed approach when dealing with her Aquarian child.

Aquarius Children

Pisces Children

A Pisces child is a sensitive, impressionable, and delicate child who needs to feel safe and secure. Like her Scorpio mom, she has a deeply feeling nature and also shares mom's need for an emotional connection. A Scorpio mom is protective, immensely loving, and sensitive to her Pisces child's needs, and is one of the best moms for a Pisces child. Mom's natural instinct is to direct her child's life, and a Pisces child needs direction. Mom can provide a safe harbor for her Pisces child who's not as strong or self-protective as her Scorpio mom.

Astrological Family Dynamics

Parent and child astrological compatibility is certainly more complicated than brief sun sign comparisons. As a matter of fact, there are so many other astrological factors to consider that sun sign comparisons can sometimes be misleading. Sun sign compatibility can be fun and it is a good starting place, but for a complete analysis that can enable a parent to empower their child to become a strong, self-confident adult, parents should contact an astrologer who specializes in family dynamics.

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