7 Best Daily Chinese Horoscope Sites

Updated September 10, 2019
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The Chinese Zodiac has been used in the East for thousands of years. It has twelve animal signs similar to those in the Western Zodiac. Your Chinese animal is determined by the year you were born, and each animal is also assigned a month, day, and hour. If you're looking a free daily Chinese horoscope, the sites below are some of the best.

Reading Your Daily Chinese Horoscopes

Although daily Chinese horoscopes are general and a bit vague, they are fun and can give a heads-up as to what the day has in store for you. And many individuals actually find them useful when applied to their life's situations. Your best bet is to browse through all the sites highlighted here and then select the one that best suits your personality and lifestyle.

Ching Oracle

Ching Oracle offers free daily Chinese horoscopes that can be accessed by clicking on your animal sign. However, that's not all you'll find there. It's also has a tool to calculate your Chinese sign by the month, day, and year of birth. This will tell you your Chinese sign, element, root, and ascendant. At Ching Oracle, there's also an I Ching Oracle that suggests ways to bring yourself luck. There's a Feng Sui Talisman to help you find the lucky corners in your home and Fortune cookies that deliver a good luck message.

Chinese Tools

At Chinese-Tools.com, you can read free daily Chinese horoscopes written by a certified Chinese astrologer. At Chinese-Tools you click on your Chinese animal, and you'll be taken to a quick and easy-to-read chart. The chart covers your will, dynamism, feelings, intellect, mood, and luck. Each has a one to five-star rating for the day. This is followed by a brief sentence on what you can look forward to in general, in relationships and in your career. Lastly, Chinese-Tool also tells you your lucky number and your best time of day, as well as your most compatible signs.

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Chinese Fortune Calendar

Chinese Fortune Calendar will clue you in on your daily, monthly, and yearly fortunes using Chinese Five Element astrology and Chinese Horoscopes. Because you enter your birth date and time to calculate your horoscope, it is a more personalized fortune that focuses on your money, career, and reputation. The good news is the site charges you nothing.

Astrologize Me

AstrologizeMe.com offers 14 types of Chinese and western horoscopes. These include both Chinese and western daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and love horoscopes. Here you can also have a daily or weekly tarot reading. One of its unique features is a weekly horoscope your dog or cat that's based on their name.


AsiaOne.com is a news, lifestyle and entertainment site that offers daily Chinese horoscopes. Here again, you'll simply click on your animal sign to be taken to your fortune for the day. Once there, you'll be given a brief description of what it means to have a particular zodiac animal and a video forecast that cover the twelve animal zodiac for the entire year.

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Astrology.com has free Chinese daily readings. It's one of the most popular online sites for free daily readings in Chinese as well as Western astrology. So, if you choose to visit astrology.com for a free daily reading, you might want to browse around and take advantage of everything Astrology.com has to offer.

Astro Center

AstroCenter.com not only has Chinese horoscopes for today and tomorrow, but they also have other free offerings you'll enjoy reading. Those topics include things such as Chinese, love, and career compatibility.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Reading your daily horoscope is scoffed at by some people. Others people do it out of curiosity. And there some individuals who become horoscope junkies. However, there are also those who simply read their daily horoscopes for a bit of daily inspiration.

7 Best Daily Chinese Horoscope Sites