Moon in Capricorn Signs Are Determined and Resourceful

Published March 3, 2020
Capricorn sea goat and moon

If your moon is in Capricorn, it means you are determined and resourceful. This placement of the moon influences many aspects of your life.

Resourseful Personality Traits From a Moon in Capricorn

The moon in Capricorn shares the attributes and traits of the sign and imbues them to you. These attributes revolve around a need for a home is warm, inviting, comfortable and secure. The moon in Capricorn bestows you with some very positive personality traits, such as a strong discipline and a sense of responsibility. The moon emphasizes your practical view of life and your role in it.

Structure and Stability

The moon in Capricorn means you desire a structure in your life. You need stability, which in turn provides you with a sense of security and longevity.

Desire to Control

There is an innate need and desire to control all aspects of your life. This includes taking full responsibility for your financial and material assets. As a resourceful person, you understand how to control these assets to your greatest benefit.

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Programmed for Success

You most probably were taught as a child that success was the result of taking control and being responsible. You equate all things related to success as a discipline and duty.

Being of Service

You also have an inner directive to be of service to others. This includes your community and any profession you undertake. You are very dedicated to your family and enjoy serving your family as a mentor, caregiver and teacher. You see your duty as a parent to prepare your children to stand on their own two feet and be successful.

Emotional Nature

You have a deep emotional nature, but you feel you must control your feelings, so you don't appear vulnerable. You only open up to someone after you get to know them and believe you can trust them not to hurt you. If hurt, you retreat to your haven - home.

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Social Mores and Ideals

The moon in Capricorn gives you a traditional perspective. You value social mores and ideals. You're old school when it comes to polite society. You are involved in your community and make it your business to know all your local officials. You're viewed as a pillar of the community and you enjoy the respect this gives to you.

Romance and Love

While most people don't choose who they love, you choose who you allow yourself to love. If you develop feelings for someone you deem is unacceptable, the only solution you see is to cut ties and move on. This calculated action doesn't mean you don't suffer or truly get over your lost love. Still, you will suck it up and continue moving forward in search of a more worthy and desirable mate.

Your Ideal Mate

You need someone who shares your ideals of hearth and home. You are most compatible with the zodiac signs of Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.

Dark Side of Capricorn

Every zodiac sign has a dark side, and Capricorn is no exception. The positive personality traits in Capricorn can turn to the dark side of the moon. The most prominent is Capricorn's need to control.

Controlling Nightmare

A Capricorn full throttle can be a complete nightmare for everyone under their power. Capricorn will want to control every action and circumstance within their purview. This includes the Capricorn's relationships.

Cold As the Moon

The dark side of Capricorn mirrors the dark side of the moon. Capricorn is often accused of being cold when it comes to emotional expressions. When Capricorn goes dark, this attribute is magnified.

Driving Need for Appreciation

Dark Capricorn often exhibits a need for appreciation and will drive home to loved ones and workers the many great sacrifices they have made. Capricorn needs to practice some of that fabled discipline to keep from turning into Darth Vader.

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Capricorn and Zodiac Signs Compatibility

Capricorn is an earth element and is compatible with other earth signs. Two Capricorn doesn't usually make the best match. Water element zodiac signs are good matches for Capricorn. Air and fire element zodiac signs aren't the matches you want for an earth sign.

Capricorn Moon Compatibility With Other Moon Signs
Moon Sign Prominent Traits Compatible or Incompatible
Capricorn Moon Practical, serious minded, controlling Compatible, possibly
Virgo Moon Perfectionist, detail-oriented Compatible
Taurus Moon Steadfast, doesn't like change Compatible
Cancer Moon Emotional, moody, home and hearth Compatible
Pisces Moon Emotional, psychic, mood swings Compatible
Scorpio Moon Emotional, psychic, possessive Compatible
Leo Moon Positive, larger than life personality Incompatible
Aries Moon Sincere, serious, intelligent, flirty Incompatible
Sagittarius Moon Playful, intellectual, enjoys humor Incompatible
Libra Moon Social, good conversationalist Incompatible
Gemini Moon Outgoing, fun-loving, intellectual Incompatible
Aquarius Moon Light, playful, humorous, social Incompatible

Moon in Capricorn Make Signs Determined and Resourceful

If your moon is in Capricorn, you'll want to explore the various attributes and personality traits the moon bestows on you. This can often explain by you have traits that are contradictory to your zodiac sign.

Moon in Capricorn Signs Are Determined and Resourceful