Power of Leo Season and Its Meaning for Your Life

Published March 5, 2020
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The power of the Leo season is sun-filled and its meaning for your life is found in understanding the Leo zodiac sign. The Leo season begins on July 23 and continues through August 23.

Understanding the Power of Leo Season and Its Meaning for Your Life

The Leo season is fiery coming on the heels of the emotional Cancer season. The fire quickly burns away any leftover issues that surfaced during the previous season.

Leo Power for Everyone

Leo is a powerful sign that imbues the zodiac sign with courage, confidence, leadership qualities, and showmanship. During the Leo season, you can tap into these qualities to enrich your job and life in general.

Queen or King of Your Personal Jungle

Leo season makes you the queen or king of your domain. You can stand a head taller than the crowd during the Leo season when you use the various energies of the season.

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Feel Good About Yourself

Leo season gives you permission to feel good about yourself. Pat yourself on the back for the accomplishments you've made. Toot your own horn if necessary, in the spirit of the ultimate showmanship.

Live Large and Roar!

As royalty, Leo lives large and has a larger-than-life personality. The Leo season is wide open with possibilities and ways to live the good life. You will feel drawn to the finer things in life. Time to pamper yourself with a little luxury. You may decide to be a little flamboyant and extravagant in your fashion statements.

Love and Romance Are the Season

For Leo, all the time is a good time for love and romance. During the Leo season, you can enjoy the excitement of romance. Don't spare any expense to achieve the kind of romantic evening you've always dreamed of. This is the season to take the plunge into mysterious and magical love connections.

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Fire and Passion

The Leo season is a highly passionate one, not just for love and romance. One thing you need to watch out for is that fiery Leo nature. You'll find that you are easily insulted during this time since your ego will be slightly inflated thanks to the Leo season. Try to keep your indignation in check and you'll enjoy the season much better.

A Few Strokes for Your Ego

You'll need a few loving strokes to your ego during this time. You may decide that it's not enough to get a compliment every now and then. In fact, you may feel as though you're in the spotlight and go for a makeover that will win you even more accolades. Just have fun and don't overthink it!

Sensuality for the Leo Season

You'll want to enjoy the sensual side of life more than usual during the Leo season. In the true Leo persona, this includes food, clothing, possession, such as jewelry, art, and furnishing. You may be tempted to buy a new car or even more extravagant a new home. Don't make rash decisions.

Leos in Heaven During Leo Season

Few zodiac signs can compete with Leo when these fire signs enter a Leo season. Leos will be in rare form during their season. They will be at the top of their game and appear to be invincible. They just may be!

Sagittarius and Aries During Leo Season

The other two fire signs, Sagittarius and Aries, will reap the rewards of this fire element sign's season. Sagittarius may find the need for grandstanding and ego fluffing disconcerting and will dodge the attention. Aries on the other hand will enjoy the adulation. Both will know how to capitalize on the Leo season to advance their careers and stations in life.

Gemini, Aquarius and Libra

The air signs Gemini, Aquarius and Libra will find the Leo season super charged and might actually exhaust themselves from having too much fun. If that is even possible. The air signs fuel the fire signs, so these three can expect some very explosive and fun times during the season.

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Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn

The water signs Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn may be uncomfortable with the intense energy that arrives in a Leo season. These three aren't attention seekers and prefer staying in the background. They will enjoy the love and romance aspects and will be thrilled over the passionate energies of the season.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

The earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will feel as though they've been scorched by the fiery Leo season. These grounded signs will feel the wildfire sweeping through the month may carry them away. This could destabilize the earth signs. However, each could take advantage of the courage Leo brings to them and take bold steps to achieve their goals.

Enjoying the Power of Leo Season and Its Meaning for Your Life

The main takeaway for the Leo season is to enjoy it while it lasts. The next season will be Virgo, an earth sign that is very restrictive to the fire and air signs.

Power of Leo Season and Its Meaning for Your Life