How Aquarius Season Affects Every Zodiac Sign

It's a brand new year and Aquarius season is ready to shake things up! Here's what the zodiac signs can expect in the next few weeks.

Updated January 9, 2024

We’re a few weeks into the new year, and you should finally feel like you’re settling in. If you're riding high on that ‘new year, new me’ motivation, Aquarius season is here to shake things up. 

Between January 20 and February 18, Aquarius is in charge, and the first thing it’s doing is throwing everything out the window. It’s a liquidation sale on last year’s routines, and everything has to go. Aquarius doesn’t make traditions, it breaks them. And that gusto just might be the catalyst you need to turn your New Year’s resolution from a short-term experiment into a year-long success.

Before exploring what Aquarius has in store for the astrological world, discover your zodiac sign and its unique traits.


Aries, you and many of the other zodiac signs may see a boost in your social bandwidth during Aquarius season. Aquarius loves to vibe with people who match their frequency, so keep an eye out for anyone new who rocks the same vibrations you do.

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to buckle down and refocus on your career path. Let Aquarius’ ingenuity and determination flow over you as you step into the first quarter of the year. After all, Capricorn isn't the only sign who loves to work hard. Use Aquarius season’s magic to set new records and make real strides towards your New Year’s career goals.


Taurus, this season might be the kick in the pants you’ve needed to switch things up. Unlike Scorpio, you and transformation are like oil and water. As an Earth sign, routines are your best friend; once you’re settled into something you don’t want to break free from it.

However, this season offers a unique opportunity to reinvent yourself. Stop resisting change and lean into it instead. It’s the beginning of the year, and a great goal to add to your list is ending it a little bit differently than you started. What better time to start than Aquarius season?


Gemini, roll up your sleeves and pull up your phone's contacts because it’s time to whittle down that massive social circle. You can’t help that you collect new friends everywhere you go! You’re a social sign at your core, and you always make room for a new party friend.

But not every drinking buddy needs to be in your metaphorical MySpace Top 8. Take a page from Aquarius’s book on friends this season. It’s about quality, not quantity. Don’t be afraid to leave those ‘friends’ behind who tear you down, make you the butt of the joke, or are constantly flaking on your plans. An Aquarius only has time for true ride or dies, and you should, too.


Cancer, from our cosmic vantage point, the waters up ahead look steady and calm. You’re similar to Aquarius in how you like to hunker down and surround yourself with people who love and support you. You can never have too many good times with friends and family, and this season should be chock full of them.

Meanwhile, there are still lessons you can learn from the air sign while their season is in full swing. Aquarius is an independent sign, preferring to blaze their own path instead of following more conventional ones. While you’re usually more of a follower than a leader, this could be a great moment in your life to break free from the background.


Leo, in Aquarius season you’re going to need to be more self-aware than ever before if you want to make it out unscathed. There’s no doubt that you’re a proud sign, and usually you can keep your grandiosity in check. Yet, this season might stir up your self-centeredness in an unexpected way.

A great creative spirit like Aquarius can, in the right circumstances, let praise over their unconventional, creative work go to their head. While it’s not usually a problem for a more understated personality like Aquarius, that tendency can be a big problem for a shining star like you, Leo. Just remember to take any praise that comes your way to your heart and not your head, and Aquarius season will be smooth sailing.


Virgo, you might struggle with finding your place in Aquarius season. As an empirical savant, experimenting with your work, relationships, and life feels completely out of the question. But Aquarius’s innovation offers a great learning opportunity.

Up to this point, you've been confident in the conclusions you've drawn about your life. But there’s always a chance that every argument you’ve analyzed and vacation time you’ve maximized could’ve been done better. Does it mean you’ll come to any new conclusions? Not necessarily. Yet, you don’t want to let the chance to practice being more flexible pass you by.

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Libra, Aquarius season might pull at your heart strings and send you towards a more humanitarian path. Represented by the scales, you value justice and balance. With Aquarius overhead, you might be more affected by the imbalances and injustices happening in the world. Use Aquarius’s energy to galvanize you into action.

Participate in protests, look for grassroots groups to donate to, and help the people in your community. Giving drops off significantly after the holiday season, and you’re the perfect sign to keep up that momentum. Venus gave you charm for a reason! Use it in the next few weeks to encourage others to get involved, too.


Oh Scorpio, you and Aquarius are two sides of a very striking coin. Where Aquarius is naturally independent because of their original approach to life, you seek the shadows because of your inward personality. Be careful about letting Aquarius hike up your self-isolation tendencies. Instead, lean hard into the season’s special sauce — socializing.

At the same time, you might find that Aquarius season is the perfect balm for your emotional tumult. Generally, Aquarius is rather detached from their emotions, and you could do with taking a step back from yours. This could be the perfect time to work through any emotional wounds that have stuck around for a while. Sometimes, all you need is a little distance to see that breakthrough you’ve been hoping for.


Sagittarius, you should be booked and busy all season long. Like you, Aquarius is a friendly sign, so you might feel the pull to drag your friends with you everywhere you go. Since we’re still in the dead of winter and the new year has hardly begun, you probably don’t have any giant trips planned. But a Sagittarius needs their adventures.

Remember how freeing it was to wander around a grocery store or go out to dinner when you were a teenager? Tap back into that state of mind and take your friends along for the ride. With your besties by your side, even an optometry appointment can be the thrill of a lifetime.


Capricorn, as the workhorse of the zodiac signs, you’re probably hoping that this season will inject new life into your career. Of course, you should try to capture all that creative energy in the air and sublimate it into your work, but it doesn’t seem like Aquarius has much in store for your grand career plans.

Instead, the air sign looks like it’s going to get its dirty little fingers all up in your independent streak. Capricorns can be lone wolves, always relying on themselves to get the work done, and Aquarius isn’t far off. Because of this, you might find yourself confidently carving a new path forward, leaving last year’s worries and insecurities behind. You are the boss of your life, and this is the season to believe it.


Happy Birthday, Aquarius! Your season is here and that means your hands and head are going to be working overtime. This season couldn’t come at a better time in the year for you. Now that you’ve spent the holidays resting, you should feel a renewed energy to work on your passion projects. This isn’t the time to stifle your creative spirit. Lean hard into whatever vision grips you and let it take you for a ride.

But just because it’s your season doesn’t mean there’s not a cautionary tale to pay attention to. With your Aquarius magic sprinkling creative pixie dust over your head, it can be easy to hyperfixate on realizing your work. Don’t let your creativity come at the expense of a healthy routine and social life. Sure, inspiration may strike at 3am, but every zodiac sign needs their beauty sleep.


Pisces, Aquarius season is here, and it’s thrown down the gauntlet. Aquarius is a straight-shooting zodiac sign, confident in their vision and approach to life. Though they love to surround themselves with laughter and light, they don’t define themselves by who they’re around. They have a strong sense of self, and this is an attribute you could really benefit from.

As one of the most empathetic zodiac signs, you can’t help but absorb the feelings, reactions, and personalities of the people you spend time with. But in Aquarius season, it should be easier to separate your identity from theirs. Observe what it feels like so you can try to replicate it in the future.

Break Out & Define Yourself in Aquarius Season

Once the excitement over a new year gets swept away with the colorful confetti, those familiar worries and doubts start to creep in. But Aquarius season is here, and it’s bringing confidence, independence, and creativity to help you blaze a new trail forward. Surround yourself with friends, finish up any projects you’ve been avoiding, and sketch out who you want to be this year. In Aquarius season, we’re loving all of our quirks and differences and hoping you can too!

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How Aquarius Season Affects Every Zodiac Sign