How Capricorn Season Affects Every Zodiac Sign

Curious about what the 10th sign has been working hard on? Discover just how Capricorn season is set to affect all the zodiac signs.

Updated December 14, 2023

Brace yourself. The end of the year is here, and it’s bringing Capricorn season with it! Frantic holiday shopping and family get-togethers aside, there’s still a lot to do before we close out the year. Capricorn’s endless productivity couldn’t come soon enough.

Beginning on December 22 and lasting through January 19, the 10th zodiac sign is giving all the signs a little kick to the seat of their pants. As a laser-focused sign that looks to the future, you’ll need every drop of Capricorn energy you can get to make those New Year’s resolutions stick. But beware! You start the season off with Mercury in retrograde, and so some mischief may be afoot.

Before uncovering how Capricorn is going to affect the astrological world, discover your zodiac sign and its unique traits.


Aries, Sagittarius season challenged you to take advantage of your renewed zest for life by bravely going after the daunting changes you wanted to make. This was the kind of task that only someone with the ingrained confidence of a fire sign would take without complaints. The season might have shifted, but your cosmic goals remain the same.

Last season, you were given the energy to accomplish the tasks you’ve always wanted, and this one gives you the sensibility to see them through. You’ve got an entirely new year on the horizon, full of open weeks to fill. The time for dreaming is over. You're ready to make those dreams come true.


Taurus, you and your fellow earth sign Capricorn mesh well over your shared persistence and hardworking nature. Yet, where Capricorn seeks to achieve the highest acclaim in their field or pursuits, you’re happy to stay in the background. So long as the job gets done and you can relax at the end of the day, you're content.

Capricorn season’s swooping in to encourage you to strive for more. There’s still time left in the year, and so you’ve got time to really put your stamp on it. Give your bosses something to recognize, and don’t be afraid to call out your own successes if others won’t.


Sagittarius season was all about socializing for you Gemini, but in Capricorn season there’s a big push in your life to buckle down and get serious about things.  It’s easy to take life as it comes, ricocheting off of the opportunities that come your way or people who cross your path. 

This season, it’s a great idea to take a more intentional approach to your present and future. You’re a curious and intelligent zodiac sign. Instead of using your aptitudes for fun facts at trivia nights, try channeling some of it into more sophisticated pursuits.


Cancer, you’re a water sign, and with it comes certain emotional tendencies. You can be as stormy or as calm as the high seas. In Capricorn season, you might find yourself feeling emotionally stifled. Capricorn is all about keeping emotional processing deep inside, and for an outwardly emotional zodiac sign, this might prove challenging to you. Don’t let yourself fall prey to moodiness; instead, be intentional about acknowledging your emotions and letting them wash over you.

On another note, Capricorn season is all about focusing on those intimate personal relationships, which you’re quite good at. Look to those besties in your life and welcome them into your shell.


On the outside, people might think Capricorn season would bring someone as bright as a Leo down. Despite their disparate personalities, there’s one major thing Leo and Capricorn have in common, and that’s their ambition. So get ready Leo, this season you may find yourself on the hunt like the lion you are.

However, be cautious about getting too prideful. Capricorns are just as proud as Leos, though expressing it in a less in-your-face way. If this season tickles your pride, practice mindfulness. It’s important to know when celebrations are bordering on arrogance. You don’t want to start off the new year with a few burnt bridges.


Virgo, you and Capricorn are two peas in a pod. In some ways, that can mean great things for you in your sister sign’s season. Your productivity should go through the roof. If there are any big projects you’ve been waiting to tackle because you know they’d take a lot of focus and energy, now’s the time to get started.

Not everything is looking on the up and up in Capricorn season though. You’re already a more reserved zodiac sign, and Capricorn’s emotional detachment could compound this. While it’s okay to put your phone down and take time for yourself, be careful about isolating too much. After all, you may not mind it in the moment, but you might regret not spending enough time with family and friends during the holidays.


Capricorn season is a great time for you to focus on putting more energy into deepening your close relationships and less into making new friends along the way. Libra, you can’t help but draw people to you — you’re understanding, charming, and easy on the eyes. But all of that attention might have pulled you away from the richer relationships in your life.

Another positive for you this season is a newfound sense of surety. You’re prone to indecisiveness, especially when important things are on the line. But Capricorns are confident in their choices and make them without looking back. Pluck some of this energy out of the air and fold it into your end-of-year plans.


Scorpio, your isolation just got kicked up a notch, thanks to Capricorn season. You’re more of a fly-on-the-wall type of person anyways but add Capricorn’s own lone-wolf tendencies, and you’ve got the making for one lonely season.

But nothing is set in stone! Work to balance this urge to hole up in your space and look for small areas you can socialize in. Invite a friend over for lunch or ask someone to run some errands with you. The less crowded you feel, the more likely you are to follow through. Also, things might be looking up at work. You’re a powerful leader and if you harness Capricorn’s ambition, you’re sure to make the moves you’ve been longing for.


Oh Sagittarius, this season is one where you can finally pump the brakes. You should be coming down off of the adventurous high of your own season, and now is the time to rest and plan. While your optimism is admirable, it doesn’t always serve you well in trying to make plans for your future. Thankfully, Capricorn season is here to temper that optimism into something more like realism. If you’ve been wanting to get your life together, this really is the time to do it.

You’ve got the ambition and intelligence to achieve your goals, but you don’t usually have the discipline to make them happen in a timely manner. Borrow a little of Capricorn’s regimentation and put it to good use.


Happy Birthday, Capricorn! Your season is here, and it’s time to kick things in high gear. You’re only a few weeks away from the new year, and that means you’ve probably got a lot of things you’re ready to wrap up.

In your season, you might find yourself more focused and powerful than ever, and it couldn’t come at a better time. Think big about what goals you want to meet in the new year because you have all the tools to make them happen. This is your moment, and you don’t want to waste any of that boosted confidence while you’ve got it. Ask for those promotions and romantic dates. That confidence will make you more alluring than ever.

Use the holidays to keep you from self-isolating. You might be pulled inward this season, but there are people to see, kids to play with, and presents to open that should all keep those demons at bay (so long as you let them).


Aquarius, Capricorn season is an interesting one for you. On the surface, you and Capricorn couldn’t seem further apart. Yet, you have more similarities than people think. The two of you generally seek the same goals for yourselves, though you come at it from an idealistic and creative lens as opposed to Capricorns with their by-the-book approach.

Because of this, you might find yourself thriving in your daily pursuits. Whether it’s for work or in a hobby, Capricorn’s added sense of self-discipline may be just the thing you’ve needed to keep you from getting distracted.

Similarly, the two of you are both quite stubborn at times. Be aware that Capricorn’s fairy dust just might make you a little more obstinate than usual.


Pisces, Capricorn season is set to have a profound effect on you. As one of the most empathetic zodiac signs, you often struggle to isolate your own emotions from other people’s. This season should give you some respite from that constant fight. Capricorns by nature are more emotionally distant and reserved, and in the next few weeks you can channel that into your own life.

Over the season, work towards self-identification. Process your own emotions, and practice detaching yourself from situations that might trigger your empathy. With so many people in close quarters during the holidays, you should get a lot of practice in before the new year starts. 

Let's Get Down to Business in Capricorn Season

The end of the year isn’t here yet, and there’s still work to be done. Capricorn expects all the zodiac signs to burn the candle at both ends, whether it’s in harnessing confidence to do something scary, practicing discipline to see tasks all the way through, or using self-isolation to dampen the world's noise to focus on themselves. Given their go-get ‘em nature, you couldn’t have a better sign to help you prep for a great year ahead.

How Capricorn Season Affects Every Zodiac Sign