How Scorpio Season Affects Every Astrological Sign

Wondering what to expect when Scorpio season hits? Discover just how Scorpio season is set to affect your zodiac sign.

Updated October 17, 2023

Late fall and early winter call people indoors as the wind whips by and the weather gets colder. This retreat from the outside world primes everyone for the emotional intensity that’s stirred up by Scorpio season.

Beginning on October 23 and lasting through November 21, Scorpio season kicks up feelings of introspection and a search for deep emotional revelations in all the astrological signs. This water sign led period may also bring a longing for connection and partnership, coinciding with cuffing season. You can expect each of the signs to have their own unique takeaways from this cosmic interval.  

To understand how Scorpio is going to affect the astrological signs, discover your zodiac sign and its unique traits.


As the fieriest of fire signs, you’re perfectly in tune with the more passion-driven emotions like anger, desire, and courage. Yet Scorpio season might pull other feelings to the surface that you usually suppress into your go-to emotional roster. Take this opportunity to let these deeper feelings breathe.

Let the water sign season flow through you as you focus on unlocking any walls you put up to hold back complex emotions like sadness, guilt, and longing. Just maybe you’ll uncover some hidden truths about your current place in life that you can work with. There are still a few months left in the year, and you can use these insights to turn the whole thing around.


When others describe you, Taurus, stubborn probably comes up pretty quickly. Your tenacity in your position and desires is commendable, but sometimes it can cause roadblocks in your personal relationships.

Scorpio’s water sign energy should soften that stubbornness just enough for you to work through some of these issues with your partner(s) and loved ones. Having conviction is important, but people need to feel appreciated by their side being heard. Use Scorpio season’s impetus to help you work on compromising so you can move into the holidays with stronger, more passionate relationships.


During Scorpio season, Gemini might enter a long-overdue transformative period. It’s the perfect time to closely examine your current habits, friendships, and schedules. Are there behaviors and habits that aren’t serving you anymore? Are there better uses of your time?

In the next few weeks, you can also make a commitment to focusing on deepening your relationships instead of expanding your circle. Redirect your social energy to hosting small get togethers instead of heading to large parties or getaways.


Cancer, giving all of yourself to your loved ones is a pillar of your personality, but it doesn’t leave much room for self care. Take a page out of Scorpio's book and listen to what your body is telling you. Tap into your own emotions and give them the same care you would someone else’s.

This is the season for nurturing a more solid personal foundation, and the first step is wiping the slate clean. Address any fears, wants, wishes, and desires that have lingered on the fringes. The more familiar you are with your own emotions, the better you’ll be able to separate yours from other people’s.


Leo, pull out your sewing boxes and craft kits, because Scorpio season is going to fill you with creative energy. During the next few weeks, you’ll probably feel the call to make something. There’s something so satisfying about using your hands to bring immaterial thoughts to life, and Scorpio's passionate presence lends you a much-needed spark.

Consider pursuing new outlets for your creativity while you’ve got the motivation to practice. And while you’re at it, try to wrangle your friends and family into some of your projects. You might as well foster their passions while fulfilling your own.


Virgo, Scorpio season is here to challenge you. You’re so comfortable in the tangible, analytical realm of life, but you’re a creature of habit. There’s so much more you could be doing to fulfill your spirit, and this water sign interval calls for you to tap into that side of life.

But connecting with yourself for the first time can be scary. Instead of jumping in the deep end, practice making that connection through other people. Sometimes it’s easier to be vulnerable and introspective when there’s someone there to relate to your feelings. So find the people in your group that share the same struggles or behaviors as you and reach out to them. This isn’t like reaching into the void — you’ll enjoy what reaches back.


Libra, as a sign that’s always looking to connect with others, this season should turn that feeling up a notch. Scorpios are inherently passionate and intense, and your drive to fix yourself by smoothing over other people’s problems is sure to rear its head.

Sometimes you don’t have to take your mediator role so seriously. Instead of trying to solve the world’s problems one well-organized thought at a time, try to work on your own. Falling in and out of relationships is only fun for so long. Try romancing yourself a little more in Scorpio season.  


Scorpio, we know you’re jumping for joy on the inside because it’s your season! The world should feel a little crisper and clearer, steeped in all the attributes that make you, you. Be careful about your heightened passion in this period. It’s all-too easy for your interest to turn into possessiveness. By all means, explore the physical and emotional indulgences the world has to offer, but be sensible about where the lines need to be drawn.

And while the other zodiac signs will be focusing more on the emotional element, you’ve already got that in the bag. Instead, follow your heightened intuition and experiment a little. Try new outfits, go by a new nickname, or try your hand at a new hobby. Your season marks a change in your life, and you should embrace it.


Sagittarius, you’re always on the go looking for new experiences and people to adventure with. On the one hand, all these escapades can make you a wiser, more well-rounded person. But some might say that you can easily abuse the adventurous spirit to avoid sitting with yourself.

You’re an incredibly independent and individualistic sign, so introspection isn’t that difficult for you. You just have to pump the breaks on your go-go-go lifestyle a bit. If you spend a few weeks taking stock of your internal barometer, we can promise you that the great wide world and all the adventures it offers will still be waiting for you.


For Capricorn, the running theme in Scorpio season is connection. Although Scorpios have a bit of a reputation for being loners, they’re actually super adept at building incredibly deep, personal relationships. While it’s in your wheelhouse to network and find people who’ll be useful on your road to success, fostering intimate relationships doesn’t come as easily.

In Scorpio season, you’ve got the emotional vulnerability and sexual passion of this water sign to thrust you towards deep connections. You can’t make a game plan for this. All you can do is hold your breath and jump in.


Aquarius, you’re more comfortable with your head in the clouds than you are strategizing your next career move. Being an ideas person doesn’t automatically make you good at executing them. People can’t help noticing your talents though, so more and more eyes are turned towards you.

Scorpios are one of the most determined of the zodiac signs, and while in their season, draw from that determination. Use it to make dramatic moves in your career. Now is not the time to be content. Instead, you should reach for the stars and settle for nothing less.


As a fellow water sign, you’re probably going to be overwhelmed with intense emotions for the next few weeks. But, like Scorpios are so adept at doing, practice cataloging them and work to control them instead of letting them control you.

Meanwhile, Scorpio energy is pushing Pisces to be a bit daring. Take some time to travel and explore exciting locations. Go to places you’d never have the gall to before. Embrace Scorpio’s self-assured confidence on your adventures and your worries should melt away.

Scorpio Season Brings Passion & Intensity

Without a doubt, Scorpio is the most misrepresented zodiac sign. They’re not all chains and leather and side-eye glances. In fact, some of the major Scorpio motivations you might embrace this season are passion, connection, determination/drive, introspection, and transformation. At the end of the day, you should leave this season different from when you entered it!

How Scorpio Season Affects Every Astrological Sign